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Drink driving...!


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After hearing on the news about the former Plymouth goalie Luke McCormick being convicted of drink driving, resulting in the death of an eight year old, and a ten year old, i decided to collect some facts and statistics to show how dangerous is it.

Did you know..

Over 3000 people a year are killed or seriously injured as a result of drink driving.

Everyday approx 250 people fail a breathaliser test.

You can be fined up to £5,000...!!!

You are 50 times more likely at twice over the limit to kill yourself or someone else.

That the legal limit for driving is 35mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood.. there is no gurantee to how much you can drink and still be under.
Everyone is different, and everyone will be affected by alcohol in different ways. Although one glass of wine could be legal, it can impair you just enough to lose concentration in that vital moment.

Blood alcohol levels:

20-50mg/ml = Inability to see or locate moving lights correctly. Problems with judging distances, and a higher tendency to take risks.

50-80mg/ml = Impaired adaptability of eyes to changing light conditions. Impaired sensitivity to red lights. Severe impairment of ability to reace and of concentration.

80-120mg/ml = Euphoria is setting in, and there is an overestimation of one's own abilitis. Impairment of peripeheral vision. Increased impairment of eyes' reaction to light and dark. Impaired perception of obstacles and deterioration of ability to assess dimensions.

120-140mg/ml = Serious impairment of concentration and vision. Very delayed and impaired reactions. Major orientation problems.

Getting rid of alcohol is a lot slower than waiting minutes. Although the myth says drinking coffee sobers you up, there is infact no way of speeding up alcohol elimination, and a person can still be over the legal limit in the morning after a night of drinking.

Info was collected from:
Drink facts
Drink and Drunk Driving
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I had to attend a police course regarding traffic accidents.
A lot of accidents were caused by drink drivers and it was very disturbing to watch the injuries caused and how it affects other peoples lives.
I have no time at all for people who drink and drive there is just no excuse.:mad:
I know.. its so scary and the scariest thing is, you may not be a drink driver, but could easily be seriously injured or even killed by someone else drink driving.

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If I am driving I wouldn't even have one drink. I would never forgive myself if something happened and there was the possibility that my reaction times had been slowed down.

We have a lower tolerance in my job, 25mg per 100ml is the maximum acceptable limit
25mg.. very low.. i wouldnt even know what you could drink for that.. ive seen people feel tipsy off a glass of wine.. which is an acceptable limit for driving.. surely if someone can get tipsy off a glass of wine.. then they advertise that you can have one drink.. if you get what i mean..

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i agree with it having to be low.. deff.. but i do also think there should be zero tolerance like you do..
if you go out with the car, and have alcoholic drinks.. get a taxi, get a mate to pick you up.. anything but drink drive..
well here its still pretty common to see the auld fella's where i used to live driving home the 2minute drive after been in the pub...its just not worth it. i hate driving late at night or early in the morning especially at weekends you just never know whats around the corner you know you might not even be doing anything wrong and someone comes round a bend straight into you be them drunk, speeding whatever its all the same and wrong.
i hate drink drivers i think there disgusting, and if there gonna kill anyone id rather its theirself than some innocent person. when im driving at night i get abit scared sometimes cause i think what if sum drunk crashes into me and kills me
i know.. its terrible.. been watching this tv programme called road wars.. seriously.. if ever there was a programme to watch to stop you doing silly illegal things.. its the thing to watch..

I also think about this.. if i died as a result of me drink driving.. then how would my parents.. bf.. friends.. feel when asked how i died.. and they had to reply drink driving..

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It still never fails to amaze me how many people drink and drive, its scary how often traffic cops shout in to say they have a suspect drink driver stopped.

If you blow under 35 youre legal, the number of people who blow 60/70 is amazing we had someone blow 130 recently, some of them are basically what in the street would be classed as D&I (drunk and incapable) yet theyre behind the wheel of a car.

Personally Id go for zero tolerance... then everyone knows where they are!

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