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drink mixes?

Hey guys

day before weigh in and scales say 7lbs down, yay, which makes up for the fact i have pain in my kidneys and I crashed my car today :(

However, on Cambridge and Lighter Life, they offered drink mixes to add to water to sweeten it up and I loved it. Ive had 1 and a half pots left over and Ive used up half my pot already because it helps me get the water down my gullet.

I was just wondering if Lipotrim offered a drink mix? I really hope so as I cant stand the shakes and I miss being able to have the cambridge diet bars so if I find I cant have the drink mix either, I may consider switching back to CD as I loved the shakes they had there, so much more in terms of variation and they didnt taste as chalky.
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unfortunately it's the shakes or soups, although you can have herbal tea as long as it's leaf (such as peppermint - some people use these to make a chocolate mint shake!).

i don't think there's anything else much to vary the diet - you can make mousse out of the choc and strawberry shakes. there are flapjacks with LT but they take about a week to eat (slight exaggeration but not much!!)
yeah Ive been on the peppermint tea and I do love that, have yet to try to choc shake thing though.

I read on the LT bag I was given that there was an orange mix or something? Or am I making it up? lol.
Just water i think ,,, getting to like it tho ,will never ever drink coke ever again for my whole life :)
yeah Ive been on the peppermint tea and I do love that, have yet to try to choc shake thing though.

I read on the LT bag I was given that there was an orange mix or something? Or am I making it up? lol.
hang on i'll go and have a look

sorry meant to say - are you ok after your car accident and sore kidneys? sounds like a crappy day :(
sorry for the delay - i couldn't find the thread to put another post on! Nothing about orange at all - water, black tea/coffee, fizzy water or leaf herbal tea. sorry :(
My other half didnt want to go back to our CD counsellor, I think he was embarrased about putting some weight back on.

To be honest, I didnt want to go back the counsellor as I thought we were good friends but think she was just after my money.

But CD was great, the bars they had were GORGEOUS and a life saver if I was in work. The 2 days Ive been back at work, Ive just had a shake before I went and then had one when I got home because there isnt anywhere to blend the shake. Im going to buy a mixer tomorrow at weigh in.

Ive only had 2 shakes a day as well for 3 days because I cant face them, I think they're foul apart from the chocolate one and also Im in Ketosis so I aint hungry.

My kidneys are ok. Its just my right one, always used to play up on CD. I havent had as much water today (2 and a half litres) so I think it's complaining about that.

Im completely in shock about the car. I wasnt hurt and my car has just gotten a scrape but still...freaked out are not the words!!!!
Hey Princess, so sorry to hear about your day, glad you weren't hurt in the car crash.

I do remember hearing about an orange mix but think it is one of the maintenance packs. Someone on here a while a go said they mixed some fibreclear with their water and that made it taste a bit like candyfloss. I've not tried it myself as yet coz I don't mind plain water or a black coffee for a change. Might be worth a go.



Peace Love Happiness
Yes, car accidents are horrible even if you don't get hurt, the shock is terrible.

I know some people here have done the whole thing on chocolate shakes only, I'm beginning to think they are the only ones I can stomach. I've wondered about changing to CD just for some variety, the LT flapjacks are the devil's excrement.
well at the mo I am seriously considering changing to CD but they make you refeed once your BMI is < 25 and I dont like that, I may never get to my goal then. My pharmacist said he would let me do TFR until I reached my goal, but I will refeed for my wedding as I wont get to goal by then and then go back to TFR and get there.

Im so gutted about the powders. I'll enjoy my last pot of cambridge powder and then just grow some testicles and deal with plain water...bleuch.

The choc ones are the only ones for me. Vanilla and Strawberry are minging and I tried one of the OH's flapjacks and nearly died it was so foul!

Im off to bed anyway guys....its weigh in tomorrow...god I hope Im out of the 12's!!!!!!

Thanks guys, see you tomorrow night xxx
Bloody hell Laura glad you are ok after your crash was good to chat to you today...good luck tomorrow xxx
Thanks Angie, was lovely speaking to you too! I may have to bleep you tomorrow for some moral support, am now miserable as well as freezing, lol.

night night xxx


Is Irrepressible!! : )
I tried the old fibreclear in water thing and it didn't taste of anything but water! I was most disappointed!

The orange stuff is defo maintenance and I hope it is nice, I've heard the maintenance packs are good... so here's hoping.

As for the mousse- if you value your life don't do it! You can make them from choc and vanilla (don't know why you shouldn't from strawberry- but hey ho) and they are disgusting! The first spoon is quite nice, but after the second one all you can taste is the chemicals that make up our wonderful food and it stops resembling choc or vanilla very, very quickly. It is also really sticky and feels like your tongue will be permanently pasted to the roof of your mouth. Absolutely gross!

But if you are feeling adventurous..........

I personally couldn't live without the following:

Splitting shakes (vanilla or choc), adding coffee and hot water accompanied by half a fj (a bit like having coffee and a biccie). Yum.

Or splitting a vanilla shake and fj (again!) and making the vanilla shake warm in a bowl and crumbling the fj in and having like a porridge. Even more yummy!

It is seriously nice. Or maybe I am just mad..... :D


is loving the soup?!
(((hugs))) I am so sorry about the accident and the pain...sounds like you've had a terrible time.
WELL DONE on your loss.
The orange is one of the maintenance foods.
The good news is...I can help with the Cambridge powders!
I was browsing the Cambridge boards for added inspiration and there is a counsellor on there who sends out the extras e.g. the drink powders through the post if you arrange it with her - think by email. Anyway, if you go on the Cambridge board and ask or have a look through you should find her.
I shall miss you if you go!

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