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El Nino

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I drink Robinsons sugar free apple & blackcurrant squash. I like it hot or cold. I used to drink loads of coffee but now I just have one as soon as I get to work and one mid afternoon, rest of time its squash.



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I drink Robinsons too but the orange or orange and pineapple. Also LOVE Perfectly Clear flavoured water!! The red apple one is really nice xx


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squash is your best bet honey as above but i like to have diet lemoneade in as a mixer so i dont drink wine lol


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Yeah sugar free squash is good. I drink a litre of flavoured sparkling water and 2 cups of green tea every day. You should aim for 1.5l - 2l per day. try not to drink more than 2.5l as it's not good to drink too much


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lol I'm the unhealthy one. I drink lashings of black coffee with the occasional can of diet drink thrown in for good measure :( :)


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I normally have sugar free robinsons, i can't seem to get used to plain water, i will keep trying though , and i'm trying to cut out fizzy drinks gradually.

Jolene Gisby

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I drink water at work, squash at night, and if im bored ill have diet coke.


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A coffee first thing (to bump start the heart!) Then herbal teas thro the day and low cal tonic at night (except Sat when I have to dilute it with Gin!):8855:


at least 10 cups a tea a day (no sugar)
a few black coffees out of the works machine with a sweetener a day
at least 10 pints of bitter a week

and i can still loose weight :D

I do like my drinks, keeps me healthy;)


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I drink loads of water during the day, try to stick to 3 coffees or else I struggle to sleep (and it's a struggle anyway!) and have diet coke or fizzy flavoured water in the evening. Elderflower fizzy water from tesco is my fave.

Mrs V

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Water all day at work with 2 cans of diet coke thrown in then about 2 pints of squash at home. Very rarely drink tea and coffee.


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mmmm love DP Zero! And Pepsi Max!


Minimins is the best!
yeah pepsi max here too, i drink lots of water when im at work as the water cooler is in the kitchen and it gives me an excuse to get up from my desk! in the eve i normally have a highlights hot choc (synned of course) or sugar free barley juice. Morrisons do lovely pink grapefruit and apple and pear flavours :)


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I drink decaf coffee with sweetners, tea, orange sugar free fruit and barley and adore pepsi max and diet pepsi. Would drink more plain water, but find it boring.


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I can't get into drinking water on its own at all - I dilute with sugar free squash. Always start and finish my day off with a cup of tea and have about 3 decaff coffees during the day. I don't drink enough at all - going to have to do better!