Drinking (any advice)


Having lost 3st 2lb up to now i am going to a 20 year footy reunion this Sat.I really dont feel like a beer but on the night who knows.I have told my cc and i am 3 weeks into the 2nd stint of ss.The food i have selected is rainbow trout and veg,but what about the beer?HELP.What is the best thing for me to drink?


My advice would be not to drink at all. You're gonna be a major lightweight for a start; it's empty calories; you'll feel like cr@p the next day....

All that aside, alcohol free lager is next best choice....

Otherwise have a glass of water in between each drink!!
Agree with D_Q .... water with maybe a diet soda in between.

You'll get drunk quicker than you did before you lost weight as you don't have the same body mass, plus on SS you are not lining yr stomach with food.

Water - add flavourings if you wish and the occasional diet soda.

Enjoy watching all the others get drunk and being the only one without a headache the next day ........ and also still on the diet!!! Have a nice night!
Ideally, from a staying-in-ketosis point of view, vodka and diet coke (no lemon) or champagne! But you will almost definitely get stick for drinking this in front of other men!
Yes I agree with Jock...sometimes its easier than you anticipate to just not do it at all. Its pretty un-PC these days to pressure someone into drinking if you are driving. Try and give it a miss, particularly as you said you dont really feel like it. Put yourself first.
I have a friends leaving party on friday night and after seeing Coleys pics....well, just dont need to go there!! Have told everyone I'm not drinking cos my daughter has swimming at 9am on sat morning....I know I wouldnt stop at just 1 drink!!
Hi Davemin

Hope you have a good day at the do! You are right to pre plan strategies for the day. Obviously if you can get away with not drinking that's best. I know what it's like though not only do you not want to be left out but if you are anything like me don't want atention drawn to yourself for the whole day and taking focus off of the occasion.

I just thought I would tell you about our experience at a wedding when sole sourcing. I decided not to drink even though we ate the meal as I suffer migraines from drinking during the day anyway so it wasn't a hardship. However, hubby (Mizzy) did have about 3 pints of beer in the evening and a glass of wine in the afternoon with the meal. He was fine actually no ill effects and felt better the next day than myself. However he did put on 3 or 4 pounds. However he is someone that seems to be able to decide to eat and then go straight back to SSing easily. If he eats something he doesn't fall off the wagon. So you need to think through what you can manage yourself. If you do decide to drink I would suggest making it last ALAP and seeing how you feel before having another. But definitely still have your water during the day and your CD packs too so that you still have complete nutrition.

In short (not good at short) if you can get away with just water do. If you decide to drink take it slowly and see how your body reacts. Remember it may be tricky to get back to SSing after so be prepared.

.... and just remember to enjoy yourself!

Dizzy x
Well I did something similar this weekend. I went to the venue we're getting married at with both sets of parents to eat. We have champagne and a lovely meal. I decided that if I was going to eat then I'd have what I wanted. I got straight back onto SS on the Sunday and have been fine, I did feel a bit ropey from the booze. I think it's slowed my weightloss but still think I'll lose 3 pounds.

It was nice to have a 1 day break from the diet and I'm stil determined to stick to it to get to goal.

Enjoy yourself.
Can you just say you're driving and therefore won't be drinking anything? I'm going out with friends on Friday night and I've volunteered to drive so that I have a good excuse to avoid the alcohol.
thanks for advice everybody

Hi all

thanks for all your views concerning my night out on Sat.I have decided its water all night for me.I dont really need any excuse for not drinking cos we should all be proud of our achievments and advocate this wonderful diet.In saying that i dont preach on social occasions,and anyway im in the entertainment business so if anyone starts winding it up ill just rip the p*** out of them:) .Im doing a cpl of sketches on the night and i can incorporate anybody into them:)
So everybody thanks again and good luck

best regards