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Drinking while in ketosis...

S: 15st12lb C: 15st8lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 0st4lb(1.8%)
:confused: ok having done the Atkins diet over the past years i was concerned that on while ive been CD i have heard peeps say that drinking alcohol on CD was 'dangerous'...

i always drank vodka diet coke while doing Atkins and never had any probs... with loss or ketosis.

so anyway i am off out tonight (getting near to goal and slacking lol) and am tempted to have a couple voddies so thought id google it...

this is what i got and it doesnt say it is dangerous...

When you consume Alcohol, it is the first fuel to burn. While that's going on, your body will not burn fat. While this does not stop weight loss, it will postpones it until the alcohol has been used up. If you must drink alcohol, straight liquor such as scotch, rye, vodka, and gin would be the best choices as long as the mixer contains no sugar. If you have added alcohol to your diet and suddenly stop losing, give it up.
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S: 12st9lb C: 12st9lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 32.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)


determined to be thin!
I am not sure the bad experience had anything to do with ketosis, more that you dont have anything in your stomach to absorb the impact of the booze.
(remember when you were a teenager and used to miss dinner so that when you went out drinking with your mates you would get drunk cheaper, quicker?)
Those pics are really rough, but we have all been in that state right? (even not being on CD)
I would not think getting drunk on CD is a good idea, but having a couple of drinks I personally think wont do any harm.
CD is basically a starvation diet, and I know in the past when I had an eating disorder and only ate 500 cals a day, a couple of G&T could get me pissed!
Go out and enjoy yourself, xx


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thats frightening
S: 15st12lb C: 15st8lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 0st4lb(1.8%)
hey guys! i had my voddies and im still here to tell the tale...

and no such luck with a cheap night, did not get trollied after 1 vodka and diet coke :(

i agree with the comment from sassey about it not necessarily being an issue with ketosis but more so the empty stomach.

i have looked similar to the lady drunk in pics on a fair few occasions, and not always whilst in ketosis... more to do with amount of alcohol consumed!!!!

i had a really good time, drank about 8 (single measure) vodka and diet cokes, felt tipsy not drunk, managed to resist doner meat on way home and now looking forward to the wedding next saturday when i shall do the same again!

didnt weigh myself this morning in case the dehydration makes me weigh less, i would be soooo disappointed if this was not the case tomorrow morning!
back on ss again today and gonna be strict until next saturday... hoping to hit 1st goal v v v v v soon!


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