Drinks and Sauces


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Happily on SW but husband is struggling with drinks. Apart from diet drinks, which he doesn't like the taste of, what else (non-alcoholic) is a good low syn option?

Also, I am struggling with sauces to put on my food - your suggestions would be very welcome. :)
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for pasta sauce you can have weight watchers creme freche which is delious or passarta also for alternative there is pepsi max which is so much better then diet coke!


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How about flavoured bottled water - some is syned so check before hand. Does he drink tea or coffee, he can use the milk from allowance or syn it. Bovril is not tooo bad taste wise. Options or highlights again its syned but not bad.

Sauces, if you want a tomato sauce, make it yourself for free. Use canned tomatoes or passata or both, add onions mushrooms etc anything you want, and serve over pasta. It only takes mins to make so is just as convenient as a jar.

Creamy sauces, add 0% Greek yogurts to the final dish or creme fraiche (sorry can never spell it)

curry sauces, use spices to marinate meat/fish in, add water when cooking and thicken with some yogurt or cornflour and syn it.

Hope these give you some ideas.


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I have the Saucy Secrets book, which is a godsend!

I drink a lot of green tea and water.


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fizzy water, lemon tea, green tea, friut teas hot or cold, x thats what i have


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Just remember that creme fraiche is not syn free, even the reduced fat version.

If there's a specific sauce you're looking for it's worth doing a search or just ask as someone will be able to help.


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Quark is great to make creamy sauces for pasta etc. I mix it with an egg and cheese (hexa) and mix into hot pasta to make a cramy cheese sauce that's free. You can then add mushrooms or bacone tc to it.
I'm not a great fan of diet drinks but find the diet ginger beers really nice so drink loads of that!
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Low fat Philly with garlic and herbs (56g=HEA) makes a nice sauce stirred through pasta.


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I swear by tesco summer fruit squash - no added sugar and its free!


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Deffo try to sauces book from class, its amazing!


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I use passata, quark and flavoured tinned tomatoes for sauces.