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You could always buy some of the water flavorings from your CDC, they have some good flavors, I have the summer berry one. Other than that, its black tea & coffee all the way!
The water flavourings are nice - but should be limited to one teaspoon in a litre per day, and only after week 2.

You can also have peppermint tea and green tea - but no fruit or flower teas.

tbh, although I bought the water flavourings, i rarely bother. you're drinking so much water that before very long you just get used to it. I hated it to start with - now i barely notice.


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Tesco still Apple flavoured water and Strawberry flavour water have no citric acid in them and I drink them by the bucketload. The Lemon & Lime flavour is NOT allowed, as it has citric acid in it.

I'm doing All About W8, but when I did cambridge before I was told I could have flavoured water as long as it had no citric acid.

It hasn't affected my weightloss in any way. I also have 1 can of Coke Zero or Dr. Pepper Zero a day. Again no citric acid and it has never affected my weightloss. I know some consultants don't recommend it because they reckon it can cause food cravings but 1 can a day is okay for a treat.

I hope you find something to help you cope with the water intake because it is REALLY important. The more you drink, the more you shrink!!

Val x
Wow I didnt know about the citric acid thing....wonder why that is? Any one know?

Peppermint tea is a good shout.....It'll help my death breath!!!!!

Thanks girlies!!
Wow I didnt know about the citric acid thing....wonder why that is? Any one know?

Peppermint tea is a good shout.....It'll help my death breath!!!!!

Thanks girlies!!

I will usually take you out of ketosis.
after looking into the ketosis/citric acid thing, i think the citric acid affects the ketones in the urine... so it dont show as much in it....... and can affect the kreb cycle in some people and make them hungry.... but i have it all the time and not bothering me at all... sticking to plan well and not hungry now at all!
Im going to try some of that water flavour that lauren 1986 mention (sunshine orange!) and see how I get on! Ill let you know!

2nd time I CD'd I dranks a litre of sparkling flavoured water from tesco (only the lowest carb ones-i didnt know about citric acid then or the links with the Kreb cycle-thanks Soon to be) and I lost 2st in 4 weeks...... Im going to leave off this time and see if it makes a difference though!

:) Thanks guys!
Does that include camomille tea, cos Ive been drinking that this week, had 5-6 cups!:eek:
fraid so - though how much damage it actually does i don't know.

it's impossible to say with accuracy that something hasn't affected your weightloss, but plenty of people bend the rules and see little or no difference and are happier bending the rules than not.

i think you'd only have a major problem if you couldn't get or stay in ketosis. otherwise, it's a matter of how fast you lose - and if bending the rules makes you stick on the path even if it takes more time (another day? week? I dunno.) then that's probably for the good.
Its so bizarre all this to be honest. I've gone from eating in excess of 2500 (maybe!?!!? Some days possibly...) cals a day, now Im worried about being on 400cals a day and if I can have some really low calorie fizzy water!! Its weird that reducing your calorie intake so dramatically should in itself make a vast difference to weight loss!!!
Are you still loosing?

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