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Drop A Dress Size in 8 Weeks ??


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I'll join you, i go to malta in 9 weeks, lets do it girls :D xxx
Want to get my club 10 - 2lbs to go
Want to get my 2 stone sticker - 4 lbs to go
Want to get my 2 1/2 sticker - 11 lbs to go.

Can i do all this and drop a dress size in 8 weeks???

BRING IT ON!!!! :D xxxx


I can do this............
hi ladies wont join in this one as i go away in only 5 weeks! But good luck to you all if you are determined you could do anything! x
Me, me , me :p

Just seen your reply to my thread and i go on holiday to Cyprus in 11 weeks 5 days.

I've been completely off plan for 3 weeks, two of which my baby was in and out of hospital so i just couldn't focus at all.
Oooh its hotting up in here, fantastic. I reckon we can all do it and as we're doing it together we can keep each other motivated!

Do you want to give your weight losses each week as well or just go on clothes size??

J x


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Weight loss as well hun! dead excited now!
Also if i can drop another dress size that will take me to a size 16 (EAK!!!) i'll buy a bikini and WEAR it with pride!!! :D x
Yep i agree - weightlosses all the way! So excited now and just had a lovely email and text back from my consultant!

hi ladies could i take you up on this, going to egypt in 8 weeks and i spent a fortune on new holiday clothes and bought them all a size smaller!!!! i can get them fastened but them aren't exactly flattering!

i'm trying to stick to the diet 100% find it quick hard as ive been doing slimmingworld over a year now so think i can get away with little cheats!!(i should of learnt my lesson by now). im also trying to do the claire from steps DVD 3 times a week.

good luck everyone!!

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Hi I would like to join in if there is room???
I dont have anything to aim for such as a holiday (had that already!), but would like to aim for the dress size just for me!
Excellent, the more the merrier!

I'm feeling quite excited by all this too, in fact, I've brought my trainers to work with me so I can go out at lunchtime for a wander (that's if the forecasted storms hold off).

I also weighed in this morning but didn't have time to take measurements or anything, I'll do that tomorrow. I'm undecided about going back to the class I've been attending because the consultant just doesn't 'do it' for me anymore and I'm feeling pretty motivated myself just now. Class is tomorrow night so I'll have a think about it before then.

Good luck everyone, onwards and slimwards!!

J x
Well I just did a 2 mile walk at lunchtime and have 2 very splendid blisters on my heels now! Great! Think I may have to choose a different activity tomorrow so's to not make them any worse!

J x

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