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Drs Fri & Prob Going To Give UP :(

Hey everyone,

Not been posting as I haven`t been having much luck :cry:

I have Drs on Fri as my pills run out that day and tbh I think I am just going to give up and tell her I don`t want any more :(

I just don`t see what i`m doing wrong :cry: I eat well, Actually find it hard to eat 15g of fat per meal, It`s usually half of that and I try and exercise (though I could do more but don`t always have time). I have been swimming, walking, doing Wii [email protected] home, jogging! gym etc and I am just not losing the weight :cry:

I am currently 14st 12/13lbs and it just doesn`t shift. I thought after being stuck at 15st for so long then finally breaking that barrier it would be ok, But obviously not :(

I just don`t know what else I can do? I don`t sit and eat crap all day, So WLS isn`t going to help. I was doing WW before the Xenical and managed to lose 22lbs but then I couldn`t lose anymore, Hence trying them.

I think my only other options are Cambridge and/or LL and I really didn`t want to do them cos afaik it is basically just starving yourself?? Surely if u starve then start eating again you`re gonna pile all the weight back on??? Surely it can`t be healthy?

Another main problem for me is my stomach. After 4 kids, 1 major abdo surgery whilst pg and then a section it`s mullered and even with the weight loss so far it hasn`t changed. So I was thinking of asking my Dr for a recommendation of a good surgeon for a TT and see if I can get a loan to get it or something. My DH thinks I should see if I can get it on NHS but I don`t think they`ll agree :(

Sorry this is so long, Well done if you read it so far!!

I am just so so so upset about this as I have tried SO hard and got nowhere :cry::cry::cry::cry:

Hope everyone else is doing well

LiSe Xx

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I'm sorry to hear the tablets havent worked for you Lise :sigh: I'm sure you are gutted! I would be too, and its easy for me to say 'dont give up' but I think i'd find it hard to be positive if I were to find myself in your position :( 32lb is a great loss, its a pity it has stopped working for you!

Have a good talk with your doctor, tell them what you are eating etc and hopefully they will be offer you some guidance.

Hang in there :hug99:
Lise, Im sorry you are feeling low.
Had a look at your ticker though and you are almost halfway there, so you CAN'T give up - I won't let you!!
How about giving yourself a week off, don't take the tabs, eat what you fancy whether healthy or not? You may gain a couple of pounds but when you get back 'on plan' it might have given your body the nudge it needs?
I dont know what else to suggest really. I think its definately worth mentioning the TT to your GP, I dunno what s/he's like but they may refer you, you've got nothing to lose by asking have you?

Keep posting hun, I'm with ya x
The other ladies are right, you have COME so far in your weight loss :worthy: and you should be extremely proud.
myself in your position I don’t know how I’d stay positive. :( I hope the words of encouragement here help you some.
Maybe you should give yourself a wee break as Mz Flabbybumbum suggested and then try again on the tablets. That might be the kickstart they need. I know what you mean about not always finding the time to exercise, but you seem to be doing a few activities so maybe try do some a little longer every other day and that might make a difference too.

Goodluck & know that we are all here for you, my advice might not be the best (I can bet my ass on that actually) but I'm thinking of you. :flowers::hug99:

Lise, its easy to say carry on when you feel how you are feeling, but we have all felt it...lots and no doubt we will all feel it again and again before we all actually get to the goals we want to reach. When I feel like you are feeling I take a few days out, no diet thinking for a couple of days. Just wondering with your xenical when you were taking them, i have just stopped taking mine with a meal and now take them 10 mins before and am seeing a definite change in how they are working, please don't just go away ~ we are all hear to support each other, for better or worse so they say !! xx


Silver Member
I can't add any more than what has already been said. I feel for you hun I really do. I hope you don't give up. I hope your GP has some inspirational idea to help. But a break sounds like good advice.

Please don't leave here as I'll be one of the ones that needs your support when I'm feeling like you are now.
Talk to the doctor about your concerns Lise, I'm sure they will want to help. Maybe some tests are in order?

Have you been keeping a food diary? Sometimes, because were used to bad eating habits, we think we've eaten really well, when in actual fact its still not well enough....

Jus trying to explore all avenues...
Thanks everyone for the lovely replies x I appreciate them :)

I have upped my exercise this week, Did an hr and a half yesterday and 20 mins swimming, 45 mins in the gym this eve and am back at 10 tomorrow am (and swimming) and hopefully going to aquafit in the eve (depends if my friend makes it this week).

I have Drs fri am like I said, And I`ll speak to her but I really don`t see the point of taking them if they`re not really doing anything :( I am also going to ask her about the TT as I am seriously considering it.

Kay I do keep a food diary, I am not eating crap without realising :( I also have an underactive thyroid and PCOS which don`t help my situation :(

Thanks again all, Hope everyone else is doing well :grouphugg:

LiSe Xxxxxx
Will be thinking of you on friday,
Best wishes x


'this time i'll do it!'
thinking bout you, even if you do give up the tablets,you are still going to come on here arnt you!!! i need to see carlisle cullen!!!lol
Thanks Flabbybumbum (lol) xxX

Shaz, Are you following him on Twitter?? He has a bet with his friend and needs 500,000 followers by Friday!!

I`ll do a seperate off topic post about it when I get out the bath ;) lol

re meeting him - I really AM going to meet him next month!!!!!!! I have paid to have my photo taken with him!! :D

I don`t want to look a total fat cow by then cos then i`ll be forever fat in the photos :cry:

He is sooooooooooooooo gorgeous!!!!!!! *drools* lmao

Ok I`ll shut up now and get in the bath lmfao

hmm...Peter...Bath... *rRr* - haha ;)

LiSe Xxxxx

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