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Dry lips?

Hi Pauline,
I am into week 3 and have only just started suffering from dry lips too.....soooooooooo annoying. I reckon its to do with the water intake, well thats what I am putting mine down too. I have been finding the water drinking a little hard the past few days so reckon this is the cause of it. I am using nivea care for dry lips and have to say its really good. Maybe that might ease the discomfort, that and try to drink more water. I def am :>
On my previous 2 times on a VLCD my main 'issues' were 1) dry lips despite drinking 3 litres minimum daily 2) feeling FREEEEEZING! 3) the 'non-poop' issue! I think it's part and parcel of the whole thing!
Used to work in a pharmacy and one thing I learnt there is if you put vaseline on our lips it makes them drier - sounds odd I know but it's the same with lypsyl, something to do with it makes them need it more often so obviously they never stop being dry. Carmex is very good for dry/sore lips

Hope this helps



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Mine too - doing my head in!!


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I experienced this on my 3rd week as well and i got dry hands as well - I use elizabeth arden 8hr cream - its brilliant and can be used for any dry area's - the kids call it 'magic cream' as it works for grazes and burns as well -- brilliant stuff.
the freezing part i def identify with! am lying on the couch with duvet over me.
Hi everyone, on the dry lips issue I find Vaseline awful because it dries my lips out and makes them drier(also it does the same for everyone else I know, I don't know why maybe the petroleum in it?) but I found Palmers lip butter and its amazing (I get it in Boots), it keeps them so soft and the lovely smell is great on LT!! ;-) water usually helps too but very often the cold weather, wind, sun exposure, central heating, lack of omega 3's, all will contribute to dry sore lips. My best piece of advice is to use a lip balm with an SPF when you are going out and drink plenty of water (I guess we are all doing that anyway)


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Can i reccomend this:

Vitamin E Lip Care SPF 15 - The Body Shop

I swear by it. I put one coat on and it keeps my lips nice and soft and smooth for litterally hours. Even whilst drinking water. Its awesome.

Definatly worth the £4 price tag for a lipsyl but litterally it lasts for ages. :)
Thanks for the tips everyone, usually vaseline works well for me as I would suffer a good bit from coldsores and none of those creams ever work haha. Was given a lip balm in a christmas box called Rose & co Beeswax and Vanilla - and the last time I had an outbreak of coldsores I plastered my lips before bed in it and when I woke up in the morning my lips were soft again, but I had misplaced it :( hence the vaseline, glad to say I found it at the bottom of a handbag (should really read suitcase with everything I put in it lol) and it's working a treat - no more dry and burning lips... do you think the Vanilla would knock me out of ketosis though?


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I was thinking the same thing. I normally use a strawberry lip balm but am afraid to use it in case.... Would a lip balm knock you out of ketosis? :sign0163:

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