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Dry lips?

Hi flutter bye I think the recommendation is two litters a day minimum so three 500 mls is on,y 1.5 which means you are probably dehydrated hence the dry mouth. Ima crap water drinker toobut i try to include two cups of green or peppermint tea in my day which unknowingly gives me about 600 mls extra that i dont notice ! I find even with the two litters in I wake up very thirsty each morning and leave a bottle by the bed to quench the morning thirst- good luck !
i always seem to have dry lips at the minute since been on lt but i drink 4 litres a day (some times a little more) but still they are dry x x
Me too so so hopeful.. Added to the little "bits" i get in my mouth.. very attractive!! pmsl x x
Hi Flutter I drink between 3-4 ltr a day and have the same problem so I use lip balm all the time and it seems to help x

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