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Dry mouth

Could be any of a number of things. Some medication has that effect, so are you taking anything new or different?

If you have a cold and are breathing through your mouth, that could cause it.

It could, as Welshtigger says, simply be dehydration, in which case the problem is easily solved.

But if it is none of the above, and it carries on, then you should see a doctor.
No medication think I'm drinking plenty so not sure ??? Will see dr if it don't clear up
Are you using an alcohol based mouthwash by any chance? The alcohol based products can dry the mouth/throat lining.

Chewing a sugar free gum encourages production of saliva which can make you feel a bit more comfy until you sort out what the cause might be.

Also, you can get some good advice from a pharmasist if you want to try that if getting an appt with your GP is a bit of a chore.
Could be the fruit :) I am eating a bit
Get the doc to check your Vitamin B12 and folate levels aswell as Iron all of these can cause changes in the mouth!
I've suffered with Anemia for a long time now due to huge blood loss last year had to have 5 transfusions and not been able to get back to normal . Last test about 2 months ago was around 9 !! Never suffered with a dry mouth before but maybe it's dropped a bit more ? Will get it checked out I think

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