Dry veg?????


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Hi ya, me again asking questions - i have already discussed with people about what to put on salad but what on earth do you put on veg?
I am tonight having turkey and broccoli and cauli but its soooooo dry and i am really struggling. You cant have gravy so what do you all do ?
Please help, I am not looking forward to my meal tonight especially when my hubby and son are having spag bol xxx
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i had my chicken & mushrooms with half a pack of oriental chilli poured over the top. used about 100mls water to half the pack. was lovely


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I always have half the chicken allowance and with the other half use cottage cheese, blitzed in the microwave, that way you can pour off the horribly watery stuff and just use the stringy cheese bits on ya veg and chick!!

Jules x