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Dukan Birthday cake or alternative?

It's my OH's birthday on Tuesday and I really, REALLY want to bake or make something that is like a birthday cake but Dukan friendly so I can have some...
I haven't really tried baking any Dukan cakes yet so I don't know if there is anything that doesn't *taste* too Dukan-y but if there is anything that could pass as not Dukan while remaining true to the diet I'd love if some of you Dukan Masterchefs could let me know x
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If you've got guests coming then I'd say go for two... one that isn't Dukan friendly (for DH and guests) and an alternative Pavlova that is (for you and unsuspecting/healthy guests)?? Or there was a seriously delish sounding cheesecake in one of today's threads.

Or if it's just you and DH, go for 2 mini pavlovas and top his with strawberries and his favourite crumbled chocolate, oh and a candle! :D
You can try making a Dukan-style cake, (oatbran, eggs, yoghurt, milk, sweetener, flavouring of your choice) and you could make an icing or a sauce using skimmed milk powder.

Just mix the milk powder with Splenda and milk or water to the consistency you like - thinner for a sauce, thicker for an icing. You can flavour it, if you want, with vanilla, or add fat reduced cocoa powder if you want a chocolate sauce.

This is all Dukan friendly so you can have it during the diet, but it is best to keep it to a once a week thing, I think :)

I made my sister mini dukan birthday cakes out of dukan toffee muffins, sandwiched together with greek yogurt mixed with cocoa powder, with a candle in each one.


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did you find the low fat cocoa powder though Atropos? and with the 1tspn limit, was it sufficient to be able to taste it?

I use philly xtra lite (+ sweetener and flavouring), and add goji berries to mine :) (restricted to 30g a day, tolerated in cruise)
did you find the low fat cocoa powder though Atropos? and with the 1tspn limit, was it sufficient to be able to taste it?
Yes and yes - (my sister brought a tub back from the US). I used 4 tsps as we had 3 dukaneers and a civilian to feed.


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aaah re U.S.! Shame such stuffs aren't readily available in the UK. Did anyone find a good source for a low fat chocolate powder? Here it's easy to find! (and tastes nothing like cocoa! very bitter tasting!)
Thinking about it - I'd probably revise the recipe now, and make the muffins lemon and nutmeg and the filling lime and yogurt - so only the wheatbran in the muffin would be "tolerated" - all the rest would be straight pp.
YUM!!! All great ideas and am definitely feeling better about the whole thing...I've been dreading the treats that I'll have to get for him *he's really one for picking at food so usually I would make an array of little petit fours and a large cake* But now I think I'll do the muffins or perhaps the pavlova!!! Actually looking forward to it now :) x Thanks girls!

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