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Dukan: motivation waning....

My name is Lisa, I have been on Dukan for 30 days today and have lost 6kgs (13lbs).

I am starting to feel a bit 'bah humbug' about MORE protein - trying to cook more, but having to cook different meals for the family really sucks.

I have another 20lbs to lose and I definitely don't want to give up, just feeling a little underwhelmed at the moment:)

Anyone else feel this way?
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** Chief WITCH **
Hello there - no I can't say as I do really, probably because I don't cook different meals just give others additional things figuring low fat will be good for all.

Perhaps, after 30 days, you're in a bit of a Dukan cooking rut? Check out our recipe threads and see if you can see some new ideas perhaps for mains, then simply add starch for hubby/kids/whoever.

Join in with menus etc and perhaps some of our more adventurous cooks will have ideas for you...
Joanne, I think you are absolutely right!

I normally do just cook some other additions for the others, particulary if I'm on a PP day, but I love steak, and often just have that.
The kids of course, prefer chicken, so that's where cooking more than 1 meal comes in. But a cooking rut is exactly how I feel.
I am doing the coaching which is keeping me on track,l but I'd love to have the motivation I had when I started:)

I'll def check out the recipes thread, how much boeuf luc lac can one girl eat??
Hi, Lisa. :)

I agree with Jo, too. I usually cook something for both of us, then just add carbs to my husband's meals - potatoes, chips, pasta, rice, etc. It's much less hassle and, as Jo pointed out, healthy for them, too!

Please do check out the recipes thread as there are plenty of delicious things for you to cook. I found very few recipes which I liked in the official book. I'm sure your kids might very much enjoy Vicky's cheeseburger pie (you don't need to put cheese on it, don't worry). And now that you're on Cruise, at least you can add variety with the veg.

It can be very easy to get bored if you end up cooking the same recipes over and over again. Add some new ones into the mix and I'm sure you'll renew your motivation once more.


** Chief WITCH **
and, if you're being coached, you can help us out with some tips most likely so hang around please!!!


** Chief WITCH **
Many people here are posting boring menus, myself included, yet I remember from my own coaching that he recommended a small starter, main and pud... (ok one needed a personal chef for most of his recipes to do them all on the same day, but I'd enjoy seeing them).

If ever you fancy posting some of his recipes up, it would be great! (Mine are in French, so I'd need to translate, and I know he's changed the rules (ref ham and dairy) for the UK market.

Thanks for anything you've time for

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