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Dulax- How often should i take one?

hi, just wondering how often I should take these?

Is once a week ok, the pains i experienced last Monday were horrific, i actually thought i was going to collapse with the pain lol no joke....

I took a dulax friday morning and went the toliet Friday night with not as much pain as the previous Monday.

Was going to take another one tomorrow morning as I am home all day..

Sorry to bring up a horrible subject but just wondering how often i should take them.. the fibreclear stuff definately didnt work ;(
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It all depends on your body really and what suits you, I experimented at first and find if I leave it longer than 2 days I am in totall pain after the loo and cant sit down!!!! (not good) but I notice some only take it once a week so its depends on the person x x x


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Not very often at all!!! They encourage muscle activity in the bowel and over ride your bodies natural signals. With over use this can lead to longterm health problems, nutrient loss through poor absorbtion of vitamins etc. Drink more water, exercise and use a "stool softener" if you feel your stools are a bit dry but laxative abuse is an easy cycle to fall into so laxatives should be avoided as much as possible!!!
Have been drinking 3ltrs a day, then two cups of black tea and water i use in my shakes... i have been doing my excersise too but still nothing.. whats a stool softener? I am using the figerclear stuff too but not helping...
Thanks Floridagirl, i havent went since i took that one last Friday.. before that I went myself on the Monday but it was like total torture, I really thought i would have to do the doctors it was that bad lol seriously... thanks anyhow..


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Yeah dont over do them!!

I take one a week and thats only if i havnt been throughout the week.


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A stool softener does what it says on the tin. If you find it difficult to poo cos your stool has gotten hard a stool softener increases water absorbtion in the gut back into the stool so that it softens and moves along the gut more easily. A laxative has a stimulating effect on the bowel .. hence it's popularity with annorexics etc
lol thanks goreygirl, I meant to actually ask what they are called in pharmacy to know what to get? thanks
Thanks Summergurl, I will try the one a week if I still can not go without them... at the moment i can't so looks like i will deffo need the one a week


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Duclo-ease is the ones i have lol - i take 2 a day and all is easy :)


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is duclo-ease a laxative or a stool softener I only ask because I am suffering in that department but dont want to rely on laxatives, so just used once a week.
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you can also get the adult size glysorol supositries sorry for spelling those are the best i think cause they dont mess about with your natural goings on your body cant get used to them cause they are external and they are not oral so cannot mess with your ketossis or make you feel sick and you can use them more than one a week look for them on net then ask your chemist for them oh and another good thing about them you dont get belly ache you just get that got to go feeling hope this helps


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Glycerol suppositories do work well too; they used to be the only option available apaprt from laculose liquid which tasted vile. You just have to be able to use them and I know some people have a mental block about using anal suppositories ;-)
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yes thats true goreygirl ill admit ive used them as i didnt like the thought of having belly ache i suffer enough when its totm so anything for a easy life lmao xx

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