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dumped.. and dying for chocolate :(


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bit of a doom and gloom thread i am afraid :( yesterday a guy i had been seeing for a couple of months ended things with me and i have never needed chocolate so badly! i was feeling really good because i lost 6 lbs at my first weight in on saturday (should have been monday but the pharmacy was closed because of the bank holiday.)
i feel really really down and want to eat. I need some of you guys who have stuck to this for a while to tell me that it really is worth it? people always say 'nothing tastes as good as slim feels', is this true? i've never been slim so i have no idea! sorry for the moan!!
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Hiya, congrats on the 6lbs off that's brill.:) Just wanted to say don't let a guy stop your efforts, cos when you get to goal you can walk past him someday and think smugly 'ha look what you're missing out on'!:D


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Hey honey! Do NOT apologise! Thats what we are here for :) I'm sorry to hear about things with that guy..i know how your feeling. 1 week into my diet this time and i found out that my fiance, who lived with me, had actually been seeing and practically living with someone else for almost a year. BUT i got through it...and you will definately get through it without chocolate :D

It is definately worth sticking to the diet hun, now so more than ever, just think of the look on his face if you were to bump into him again in a few weeks time when your looking and feeling slim, sexy and brilliant! He will be gutted i guarantee it! Keep focussed on your weigh in day and make sure you take all your upset, anger, frustration and anything else out on here and on your shakes lol xx


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Sorry to hear about your having problems.

Don't give in though. Use it to strengthen your determination. Kinda like "I'll show you".

I am feeling great. I've lost over 4 stone and at last am feeling good about shopping, clothes etc. I feel fit and healthy for the first time in ages and everythign is sooooooooo much easier from getting out of bed, climbing stairs, walking, playing with my daughter.

I have more energy and for some reason am much more optimistic about life.

I move more freely and my joints dont' feel so burdened.

It is sooooooooooo worth it, Natter. Keep going and don't let this hurt in your life, throw you off the track you've set yourself.



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Go and have a glass of water, then make yourself a mug of hot chocolate from 1/2 of one of your sachets (if you don't have the choc shake, then vanilla's also good). Should take the edge off things for you.

Brilliant loss in your first week. Keep it up and yes, it absolutely is worth the struggle (I've gone from 18st 8 to 11st 13 and I feel so much better). You will too. Give yourself a chance but stick with it. I know it's hard but you CAN do it!!

As for the Ex..........silly *rse. His loss.


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S: 15st9lb C: 13st2lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 2st7lb(15.98%)
thank you so much for your support guys! i know i can do this. and i WILL show him :) hopefully i'll be fighting the guys off with sticks when I'm slim!! :)


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Hi Natters, don't give in to your emotions please. I'm the same as you in that I have never been slim either. For one reason or another I have always used food emotionally to either reward or punish myself.
As the weight strts coming off so quickly on this diet it really gives your confidence a boost and I am sure you will have guys falling at your feet who want you for the you. Forget this guy, he's a loser but not in the way that your going to be if you just stick at it. I know its had but you will hate yourself if you cheat. We are all here for you :grouphugg:


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I did that. I let a guy get to me. I was 9 stone not a long while ago..but I know my weight goes up and down alot. It started off on a chocolate and before I knew it, I was 15st without even realizing what I had done to myself. Let him get to you once and he will get to you again and again. You are in control of your emotions and please dont transfer it onto food. Thats the biggest mistake you could ever make. I did that and now, he has moved on, he doesnt care but im the one suffering because, not only do I have to forget him, but I have to do with without enjoying myself fully. Step away from that chocolate bar. It is more trouble than its worth.


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thank you so much for your support guys! i know i can do this. and i WILL show him :) hopefully i'll be fighting the guys off with sticks when I'm slim!! :)
Good for you!! That's the positive mental attitude that will get you through this!!!!

Good luck hun x
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its completly true!!.... i used to be slim.... the self confidence you have is crazy.... being able to buy clothes you never thought u could wear.... you get such a rush when shopping. the amount of compliments you get about your weight it is great. and if u have the money, when your slim u wont need chocolate to cheer u up.... going on a shopping trip(even if u only just spend de whole tym trying things on and not buying anything) will cheer u up even better. and u wont have the guilty feeling after.... stick to it!!.... it will be so worth it!! and you can already see its working with the great weightloss!! :) well done on ur weightloss btw!!:) and who cares about this dude!!.... it was obv not ment to be.... and i bet he will regret his desicion when he sees the new slim you with a sexy guys arm around u( a guy who likes u for u not just the fact that u lost the weight btw....) it really will be worth it.... xx cc
Hi Lovely one
You've never been slim eh well this year you will be if you stick to the plan and continue coming on here for support and understanding. I am sorry about your heartbreak however, if he doesnt want you now he does not deserve to have you when you are slim honey, OH NO theres gonna be someone so much better waiting for you. Chocolate will not really make you feel better as there will never be enough to make you feel better as once its eaten you need more to stop the guilt of having had it in the first place.

Keep going we need your support too and this diet really does work. It can feel lonely sometimes when the world around is eating however the feeling of accomlishment when the weight starts to DROP off you is second to none. Start to be excited knowing you are going to be slim for the first time and you are going to love it and so will all those gorgeous guys - might be worth getting that beating stick now!!!

Love to you
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HI hun can I just say well done for coming on here and asking for help and advice, that is just the mental strength you need at the hard times. Life is always gonna throw "reasons" to eat, give up or whatever, but in reality there are never reasons only reactions to circumstances, how we react to a bad patch is ALWAYS in our control. You can do it and slim does feel better than binge food tastes.

Take care x


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Hi natters, you were so positive the other day, keep that mood going, you can do it, chocolate is very overated, you enjoy it but it only lasts a few minutes, just like some men really!!!:rotflmao:


Here we go again!
So sorry to hear you're having a tough time right now.

Don't let a mere man ruin the start of the rest of your (slim) life! Losing weight on LT is a fantastic feeling, all that confidence it gives you is amazing. I agree with you though, you WILL be fighting men off with a stick and know you have worked hard to be where you are.

Please stick to the diet and step away from the chocolate, deep down you know it wont solve your problems and you will only feel guilty if you give in.

Stay strong and be positive, we are all here to support you whenever you need us!


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I am going through a really horrible and painful separation from my husband at the moment. But I am sooo looking forward to loosing all the weight and just showing him(also doing it for myself!!), I found my appetite decreased as I was so fed up, things will start looking up for especially when the weight drops off.

I was thin once(lol) and it was one the best feelings in the world, the compliments etc that you get and how good you feel. You will get there. Im sure your prince charming is just around the corner. Good luck x


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Well done on your 6lb loss.... it's just the start of something great. If you gave in and had chocolate the guilt would just make you feel worse so it's not worth it (and neither is the guy).

I can honestly say you will be walking on air when you're slim, so proud of yourself for your achievement and YES the men will be flocking round for a date.

If you need inspiration look at the before and after photo's on here... they will keep you going!


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Hi Natters, Just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you and hope you had a good day xx


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Hi, don't give in. Just think, in a few months time when you are slim and see him and you have the most gorgeous bloke on your arm you can just stick two fingers up at him. Perhaps he's one of those men that doesn't want you to get thin because then he won't be in control because you will have so much more confidence.

Keep up the good work and consider a nice bloke as your prize at the end of it!!! His loss is someone elses gain. Good luck.


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Hi Natters, so sorry you are heartbroken, but well done for coming on here. I can tell you, hand on heart that dropping the weight this quickly on LT will be ALL you need to give you a real buzz and lift far more than chocolate can ever do in a million years. I can't believe, (and neither can friends and family) I've done 9 weeks without food of any kind!!! The time flys by...the complients roll in and the absolute joy it is, shopping for clothes now!!!!! It's all so worth it and so are YOU!

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