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Dyeing shoes, boots. Any advice please?


Gone fishing
I've been searching for brown boots that actually fit my gynormous feet. I have a dark brown outfit that I haven't been able to wear as I couldn't get any dark brown shoes that felt right. Every other shade available but not dark brown

I do not want to draw attention to my feet. Damn shame really as though they are kinda big, they are the best part of me. Well in proportion, nicely shaped, no lumps, bumps or sticking out veins, certainly my best asset :rolleyes: but anyway.........

So, today, in the post I get my latest buy. Boots...not dark brown as in the picture, but
nevertheless very comfortable. They are a sort of medium tan colour.

I'm thinking that perhaps I can dye them. Has anyone had any luck doing this?

Don't want to ruin them. They weren't cheap.

Advice please :)
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I wouldn't be tempted to dye them. I tried a few months ago to dye a pair of suede boots that had faded and they went all stiff! Ended up throwing them away! Keep looking a pair will show up!

Have a look at james&james.co.uk they do fab shoes/boots and do big sizes.

Good luck

Kam x
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Gone fishing
Oh bother. Thanks for replying anyway.

Do you think that would happen with leather...them going all stiff anyway.

Maybe I should try dark brown shoe polish:confused:

I have tried James &james BTW.:( Thanks for the suggestion though.
Ahh now theres a thought! My Mum does that she uses a liquid polish then buffs it up then uses a wax to seal.

Shame about James & James. Got a fab pair of nubuck boots from Jones the Bootmaker a few months ago....a get well present from my lovely Mum. Size 8 they do up to a 10!

Good luck.

Kam x


Gone fishing
I'm a size 9. I don't usually have too many getting shoes as I had always ordered them via catalogues etc.

I nearly always get black for winter ones and black is black innit. Brown is a million different shades.

My first pair of boots in 40 years would you believe:eek::eek:
Dark brown boot polish worked for me, my work shoes where too light so I did it and it worked, did it a few times to get the colour right, dont want to be responsible for ruining your boots tho x


Gone fishing
Thanks for the help Vicky. I'll blame you if it goes wrong.

dont want to be responsible for ruining your boots tho x
Sorry, didn't hear that. Poor hearing you know ;) :D
Thanks for the help Vicky. I'll blame you if it goes wrong.

Sorry, didn't hear that. Poor hearing you know ;) :D

ROFPMSL, Ive moved house and changed my name!!!
Leather should dye OK with Lady Esquire, but I'd try the darker polish first because that dye is basically a paint coating, looks great when it is done but can scratch or crack with flexing.

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