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Extra Easy Dying to try Extra Easy, but scared.......

i've done SW since June, only lost 1 stone, have lost & gained but am trying very hard. I follow mainly green days but would love to try extra easy so i can eat normal meals with family, i.e. mince & pots, spag bol, curry etc, but even after reading book am still not sure if i can follow it, anyone got any basic tips? I think i'll struggle with the only 1B as i normally have porridge and 2 alpen lights daily, although i do think i eat too many alpen lights so maybe it'll be a good thing to try EE?!

Thanks for any comments x
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I do extra easy and lost 5.5lb last week, it was my first week at SW but I had been on a siilar low fat diet for a year prior to going, so it does work. A lot of woman from here and my group have switched to EE and love it. You just have to syn your alpen bars or snack on free food.


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Yes, what do you have to lose - other than weight that is!

On the question of Alpen Lights, I'm a great believer in variety in all things and have come across many people whose losses grind to a halt only to restart when they differ their food choices from day to day. And personally I find that I get bloated if I eat too many of them.
I always found my losses weren't as good on EE but I'm trying it again making sure I follow the new rules which is to have a third of each meal made up of superfree non starchy veg and fruit. So far I've had very good looses and so I'll be carrying on. Previously I'd always had too many carbs with each meal and little veg. For example I'd have chilli and rice and fill up on just that. Now I either make sure I have a superfree veg starter or have veg with my meal. You can also have fruit. But if you leave fruit to after your meal, you're in danger of filling up too much before you get to your fruit. The point of the superfree is to stop you from needing to eat so much of the free foods which are higher in calories.

EE is now working for me and I can enjoy all the flexibitity it gives me with good weight losses. All I have to do is make sure I eat enough superfree.
I only do EE. My losses range from 1 lb - 6.5 lbs a week. I only lost 1.5 lbs in my first week though, and was ready to pack it all in. I kept at it, and get good results every week.


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This time round I have only done EE and won't do anything else as it's normal eating, really. Particularly if you love veg as much as I do.
chicken tandoori chicken tandoori from the 100 free original recipes, just checking is this free on the EE plan, also any idea wot to serve it up with apart from rice cheers in advance:)
chicken tandoori chicken tandoori from the 100 free original recipes, just checking is this free on the EE plan, also any idea wot to serve it up with apart from rice cheers in advance:)

When I cook a curry I make a big pot of veg curry also and use this as my 1/3 super free.....make enough to freeze for future meals ;)
I have recently started SW and today tried EE for the first time. I think that is the best way forward for me as like you I have a family I like to eat with. Breakfast and lunch is ok, as I eat on my own, but we always have dinner together and I want to keep on doing that. My daughter is 5 and I do not want to pollute her brain with diet ideas, LOL! So I will eat whatever the others are eating (with some modifications, like quorn in my enchiladas and passing on the garlic bread). On EE most of the food will be covered, but I will save most/all of my syns for the evening meal and use those to make up for any synful ingredients in the food. Like today we had lasagne, with mince and lots of veg in it, and I used my syns for the bechamel sauce, HE for cheese.

I am not sure I understand the HEs on EE though- I know we are supposed to have two, but two of what (since green and original HEs are different...)???

Today I had:

B: 2 boiled eggs and orange, coffee with 1/2 HE milk
L: Cous cous with ratatouille and stir fry with soy sauce - all free (2/3 superfree food)

S: Yogurt
D: Lasagne (with lots of veg in it, mince and cheese HE), salad

Give it a go!!!

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