E X E R C I S E ! !


hi all!
Hi there, yeah i do try and do some exercise. I do the wii fit and also the zumba for the wii which i just bought last week. I also do some dance workout dvds, the pump it up ministry of sounds ones. Cant say if ive noticed a difference yet as only re started the plan last week, although i do feel a lot better and i love the adrenaline rush!


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The only exercise i do is walking :)
I walk for about an hour or two, 5 days a week, more if i get chance. I really think it makes a difference! xx


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I do kettlebell bike rower and circuit training at home. I notice significantly better losses when I exercise


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For the past four months i've been doing circuits twice a week, Zumba once a week & the gym twice a week. If I'm honest I can't tell any difference but other people have noticed.


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ice hockey and walking, occasional cycling and in this snow hauling my 5 year old round in a sledge. lol


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I walk my dogs, usually for at least an hour a day, not sure if it helps physically but it's a good stress buster.


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I walk my dogs, and have a Wii fit and Cross trainer although neither have been used much lately as I've not long moved house. Its my new years resolution to crack on with it though :)
I started running with c25k app in July. When I finished that I started the b210k app and am slowly working through that one, harder in the winter just because it's slippy underfoot. I started jazzercise in October and have really noticed the difference that has made to my body. I gave definitely firmed up in the abs area and arms doing a class 2-3 times a week and I love it.

Happy Holidays

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pole dancing, it rocks!

I'd love to try pole dancing but I can't find anywhere locally that have classes:(

I started jazzercise in October and have really noticed the difference that has made to my body. I gave definitely firmed up in the abs area and arms doing a class 2-3 times a week and I love it.

Jazzercise sounds brill, I've heard of it before & tried getting something like that for the Wii but couldn't find anything.

I cycle to work, weather permitting and walk as much as possible, I don't have a regular exercise rountine & can't honestly say whether or not it makes a difference.


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I'm very lucky to have a fab gym (DW Sport) less than 5 mins walk from my front door. My membership is just under £40 a month and includes swimming pool and as many classes as I want to do. Being a skinflint I like to get my money's worth, so....

Mon: Legs Bums Tums
Tue: Aerobics
Wed: School head runs aerobics for staff after work, so I do that, then go to my tap dancing lesson in the evening
Thur: Body pump (weights to music) or Body Combat
Fri: Body Conditioning
Sat: Either Legs, Bums & Tums, or Zumba, or Body Pump (depending on how times fit with other stuff happening that day)
Sun: Body Combat

I love it!! I can def see a difference from my body shape this time last year when I first joined.


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I don't do any exercise :( I used to go swimming at my work's gym but gave up the membership when I left because I couldn't afford it any more. It was £8 a month so if I can't afford that I can't afford a normal gym membership! Even the college gym is too expensive!

I found a channel on Sky that does exercise programmes and I recorded a few of them to do on my days off but the Sky has been cut off so I can't watch them :mad: wish I had a dog to walk!!


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Always wanted to try it but I'm too self-conscious!

i know how hard it is to overcome this, trust me i was that very same person...now i teach it ! if your ever near Yorkshire give me a shout you would be very welcome


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I have just started step aerobics at home. Used to do it years ago and got in really good shape back then with it... Did my 3rd session today and my thighs are definitely a bit firmer lol!!xx


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I think my exercise has helped me lose weight just as much as my diet. I do..
body step and gym on Mondays
Pump, step and balance on Tuesday
Gym, step and pump on Wednesdays
Step and balance on Thursdays
Combat on Friday
Step on Saturday
Pump, combat and balance on Sundays.

I love my classes and feel so much better for them


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I did couch to 5k too and am betting back on it next week after three weeks of an ear infection. I walk or cycle three miles a day to work and back too. Need to dust off the kinect and get back into Zumba and dance central too! Hopefully I'll get the new one from father Christmas.