each WI day, do you...


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I wear the same black trousers and just wear different tops.


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I try to wear the same and am hoping soon they won't fit !!!


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I tend to wear similar things, I try not to go in jeans/big jumpers.


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This thread has been done recently. If you do a search at the top you wil find loads of replies xxx


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I wear the same because I like to feel them less snug every week and also incase they weight just abit more :p


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Yeah me too, tend to wear the same trousers and different light weights tops :)

Some folk go to extremes in our class, taking off all their jewelry etc lol.


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A lady in my group joined in the summer and first weighed in wearing cropped trousers. She continued to wear these every week until December, when the cold got to her too much and she weighed in wearing normal length trousers. She gained 1/2 lb that week.


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I know that people say not to get weighed in jeans, but I do. When I started in September, I knew that I had a loooonng way to go and would probably be a couple of years to target. So I planned ahead. What could I wear, summer and winter, and would probably weigh the same, even in smaller sizes? Jeans and a T-shirt. I even get weighed in my trainers.

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Same top and same trousers each week since October when I started - I'm sure my group think I only have these clothes - but trousers getting too big so will have to find a substitute soon! xxx


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I wear the same trousers and top in different colours:)


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I used to wear the same trousers and top, but they fall off now, so I just wear light clothes.


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i wear jeans every week and a lightish top.....when it was freezing it took me ages to remove all my layers LOL! x


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Yes I wear the same thing, I go nekkid! You'll be glad to know I weigh at home ;)


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When I used to go to class I always would wear jeans and a tshirt - summer or winter. Now I weigh @ home and I weigh in the same thing :)