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Early start to RtM


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Hi Corey- Snap!
Just had my Chicken breast and a tiny amount of cottage cheese yummy.
I literally had such a small amount but feel nice and full and very satisfied :)
Its so nice to be able to have a milky coffee again too!
best of luck x


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thanks claire :) x


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Thanks Ali, your offer is appreciated. Have to say, not too happy about being back in the world of food, and my tea tonight wasn't what I had hoped it would be, but early days I guess. I am worried about putting weight back on, but I know if I follow the plan, am sensible with my eating then I know that I will be OK.

Am really looking forward to a salad on Thursday though!


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You can have salad on wednesday sweetie.
oh and thanks ali- im sure it wont be long until im annoying you!! hehe xx


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I thought it was just a pice of fish or chicken on the first 3 days??? If I can have salad on the third day - WOO HOO - a proper meal!!!!!


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Day 3 you can re introduce salads, virtually fat free salad dressings, balsamic vinegar, chilli sauce, lemon juice etc x


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Week 1

weekly food choices: week 1
These are the foods you will be reintroducing, week by week,
during Route to Management.

Chicken, skinless
Cottage cheese, plain (choose the
lowest fat options)
Egg whites, hard-boiled
Fish, any: fresh, frozen or canned (in water
or brine)
Quorn, plain
Shellfish, any
Tofu, plain, any
Turkey, skinless

Cabbage, any
Cress, any
Lettuce, any
Salad leaves, any

Chilli sauce
Herbal and fruit teas, sugar-free
Herbs, any dried, fresh, frozen or bottled (oil-free)
Lemon juice
Lime juice
Milk, skimmed, for tea and coffee (keep this to no more than half a pint)
Salad dressing – fat-free or virtually fat-free
Salt and pepper
Soy sauce
Spices, any dried, fresh, frozen or bottled (oil-free)
Sweetener, powdered, for tea and coffee
Tabasco sauce
Vinegar, any
Worcester sauce

Just a kipper on its own is a bit dull, I had salmon for my first meal as it is quite moist on its own, steamed or baked with black pepper is quite nice.
Once you can add herbs and spice tomorrow it is a lot nicer.
One thing that I really enjoyed was sprinkling chicken with seasoning, anything like chicken seasoning, 5 spice, thai, tandoori powder, there are tons in the spices section of the supermarket, bake it for about 25 mins and chop through salad, it is gorgeous.

There are quite a few recipes in the recipe book that you might find useful, they are also on the website. If you don't have access yet then I could mail you. When do you get your book?

Everyone is totally paranoid the first week that they will have a massive gain. It doesn't happen, you can then start enjoying yourself.
You will be totally fine.


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Thanks Ali - Although I cooked Kippers last night, ended up with Salmon. How much meat or fish can we have?

I havn't got my book yet - emailed my LLC when I got back from the Drs yesterday, but not heard anything back - was hoping to pop in and see her to pick it up. But guess I will have to wait for WI on Thursday.


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This is taken from the LL management site

You can't have all of these yet, but it gives you an idea of portion sizes.

Includes meat, fish, eggs, beans, pulses and other non-dairy sources of protein. Trim the fat from meat and poultry and look out for lean meats such as extra-lean beef mince and skinless chicken. Follow the advice of your GP or health-care professional on whether you need to restrict your egg intake.

Lean beef, pork, lamb, chicken (skinless) or oily fish 50-75g (2-3oz) cooked, 100-125g (4-5oz) raw
Cooked white fish/shellfish 150g (6oz)
Eggs (whole) 2
Soya, Quorn, tofu 100g (4oz)
Baked beans, reduced sugar/salt 1 small/ ½ large can
Cooked beans, chickpeas, lentils 4 rounded tbsp
Hummus (reduced fat) 2 rounded tbsp
Nuts, nut butters, seeds, tahini 2 level tbsp

Quick tip: two eggs for breakfast counts as one protein serving.


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Thanks for that Ali, I was slightly over with my portions - 125g of salmon last night and 100g of chicken tonight. Oops!


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hi ali- the week one recipe for spicy chicken it says use stock.
what sort of thing could i use like a stock cube?? xx


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They advise not to use usual stock cubes, especially knorr as they are quite fatty.
I use the bouillon quite a lot (the marigold one we all have instead of savoury drink), but you can always make your own, there are recipes in the book for it. Have to say I only bother if I have roasted a chicken.
The bouillon is great though. Really nice for frying mushrooms (from week 4).


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awesome thanks ali :)
forgot about old marigold! haha xxxxxx
Great, another guy here

Hi Corey
Just read through some of your posts, I also had problems with dizzy spells and stopped a little early to move to route to management. I am hoping to do a short 4-6 weeks program later on in the year to complete the job. In the meantime my aim is to maintain my weight as is on management. Not as easy as it sounds.


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Hi Kenj,

Hope your dizzy spells have now stopped. Sounds like you have everything in order. I'll probably do some abstaining in September, just to make sure that I am on track for my holiday in October - hopefully by then the lose bit of skin (and it's only a little bit - I was lucky) will have tightened up around my tum!

Have to say, although day 3 of RtM, am not enjoying food. Will take some celery into work today for a mid morning nibble. But am looking forward to a few salad leaves with my salmon flakes tonight.


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Cor blimey - had my first meal in almost 3 months and I am absolutely bloated!!

All I had was a small handful of salad leaves, 100g of prawns and a small dollop of low fat cottage cheese with a tablespoon of low fat thousand island dressings, and struggled to eat it all.

Having my dessert now - a cup of black tea with some St Clements flavouring - I surprised my OH this morning by having that instead of a normal cuppa with milk.

Just hope that it tastes just as nice with cordial once I come off the diet.

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