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Not this time, but we had one here 6 years ago and I thought the walls were coming in! The walls were 2ft thick too, and my one thought was 'i'm dead if they fall on me!'

Lil K

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Yep - the earth moved for me! Woke me up.

I also remember the one from 6yrs ago - I live virtually on the epicentre of the last one, and that time definitely felt worse than this - even so, my heart was racing for ages afterwards.


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It woke me up, wondered what was going on, put the news on to find out what had happened, but it took them 3/4 hour to report it
I thought it was the cranberry bars


Nothing here in Cardiff - well a box fell over and frightened the life out of us but i think that was down to bad packing more than earthquake :)
Nought here in Londinium!!!
Hope everyone's ok!
Didn't feel it up in the mountains of France but I am concerned to find out more as my home is just south of Manchester and my some of my family actually live in Lincolnshire. When you hear the "earth move" here it is dynamite to reduce the avalanche risk on the mountain for the skiing etc.
My heart goes out to anyone affected by the earthquake though.


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I thought the hubby was joking when he said there was a quake last night.
I'm kind of tuned out to them now because we used to get them all the time when I lived in Cyprus of a couple of years (biggest was 6.4).
Hope everyone's ok!
I am near the foot of the Pennines - Barnsley side and it certainly woke me up - felt as if bed was shaking and then I thought the windows were going to come in as they rattled so much !!! :eek:


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Woke us up here it really made the earth move and coat hangers rattle .First time this year the earth has moved for me lol xx As far as Ive heard no damage any where the only injury reported is a man who has hurt his leg anyone else heard any problems caused

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