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Easter temptation....

Is anyone else really, really, reallly struggling with the goodies that are everywhere? I have got my daughter to hide her eggs that she's been given already....but it's not stopped me. I have had a choc filled week, and I've never had a week like that before :sigh: As long as I don't gain on Monday it shoudl be fine!

It's soooo hard when you know the chocolate is in the house :D I'm goign to sit on my hands lol
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Can totally symphathise. My hubs has been so good, saying if I dont eat any choc, he wont either. This has helped. We have bought different "goodies" in our shop, prawns on skewers, scallops, salmon, strawberries, figs raspberries, sharon fruit and dates, so we can have some treats that are ok. I just cant touch the chocs as if I start, I just cant stop!!!


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I was sooooo annoyed at my mum on Thursday. She is also at SW but a different group to me as we're 400 miles apart, anyway, she made my daughter a gift box full of goodies from Cornwall (where we're from and she still lives) with clotted cream shortbread cookies and clotted cream fudge and crumbly buttery fudge *drool* knowing full well that they're all MY favourites. She phoned me later in the day to ask if we'd received it and I had to ask what it was that I had done to upset her so much that she felt the need to cruelly punish me in this manner :mad:
Anyway, DD gone away to her dad's for the week leaving behind her goodie box as she'll have loads of chocs there from his side of the family and even now I can hear the fudge calling me...begging me to eat it :cry: **Toniiiii...eaat meee, eaat meeee!!!!*** It's driving me crazy I tell ya!!! :mad::cry::mad::cry:
:8855::8855: I feel exactly the same. I can hear an abundance of high syn goodies calling my name! I shall resist!!!! :mad: lol


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:8855::8855: I feel exactly the same. I can hear an abundance of high syn goodies calling my name! I shall resist!!!! :mad: lol
Just pretend it's the kids or the OH demanding attention and ignore them!!! :mad: The voices should go away sooner or later, they have to.....don't they??? :(
They're coming to take us away ha ha hee hee ha ha!!!


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I haven't had the temptation of chocs yet as, because Easter Sunday isn't until tomorrow - we haven't given each other any eggs yet.
Tomorrow's going to be difficult though as we're going to my family for the day and Mum makes loads of home made cakes and puddings and stuff...*sigh*


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My Easter treat off my mum was some £ and I think jewellery as I am not opening it until tomorrow. I treated myself to a bottle of wine today and have had my 2 glasses already.;)
I am very lucky as I can take or leave chocolate.
Happy Easter everyone.

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