easy extra help??


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Hello everybody

Im back after been away for ages, Im so used to doing red and green days ive never given easy extra a chance but I want to do it this time around but im abit confused!

Can i basically eat as much of anything I would have had free on a green or red day and just have 1 heb and 1 hea???

So for lunch im having leek & potato soup and then a savoury rice, is this all free on easy extra?? For tea im having pork steak, potatos, green beans and carrots-all free????
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Hiya, yes- all free! But you need to make sure you have your 1/3 superfree food for EE to work properly - and also make sure that you don't eat food just because you can. Eat till your full and then stop (its a stop bit I have the problem with!)

If you stick to it properly, you can lose loads of weight. One guy in my class has lost 7 stone on EE!


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The key to the EE plan is having 1/3 superfree with each meal. it took me a long time to get my head round it when I switched from Red & Green, but it's easy now.

When I first tried EE after it first came in, I didn't have great losses at all on it, but that was before the superfree food element came in, so I realise now that my portions were just too huge!