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Easy one day then hard the next!

Does anyone else find that they have some really good days keeping on the plan, enough where you get to feel a bit smug and "wow! This diet is easy!"

Then other days you struggle and all your syns are gone before lunch?

I find I keep doing this. I'll have a run of good days where I'm below my syns, I've eaten well and I'm satisfied and yeah, sometimes I get a bit smug and think how good and easy it is to stick to it.

Then I have a bad day where I don't know what to eat, my syns come in to all my snacks instead of free foods and eventually I struggle, have a blowout and feel crappy for it.

How come I can find it so easy and fun to stick to one day but a struggle the next? Anyone else find that or are you all finding it easy? :confused: :break_diet:
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oh TOTALLY! that's like you read my mind!

i find 80% of the time it's easy, especially if i'm prepared and im cooking at night and bringing left over's in for lunch etc. i find it hard when i haven't prepared and i go to tesco at lunch and can't decide what to have (salad AGAIN?! please no!!) then i want to kick the diet in the shins!!

i find boredom a problem time. if i have nothing to do i think about what i could eat. so now i try and fill my time up more, especially evenings when me and H2B sit around watching TV. normally i'd have a few wine's and eat crisps etc, but now i go to the gym and come home late, cook, eat, bed! no time to be bored!


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Yeah it can be a really emotionally rolecoaster especially when life interfers as well. Just keep focused, challenge my thoughts and remember why I am doing this, all these help to keep on track :) oh and planning helps, the most of the time when I mess up is when I am not prepared!


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100% agree- I always think of it as a little voice in my head that is constantly telling me to eat cake/chocolate/crisps/whatever- it says "oh, go on, one won't hurt, you look fine as you are, you would feel so much better if you ate it, go on".

Some days this voice is a distant whisper and I can ignore it and feel very proud and smug and some other days it is screaming in my head and I could literally CRY from the struggle it takes to stay on-plan.

I truly believe that at some level I will always have this voice in my head and that is why, even when I get to target, I can still never relax around food - this makes me sad, but I guess it is the same for anyone with any type of addiction, it takes constant control.



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I could have wrote this thread myself! I have had a good few days but I am just waiting for the one day that sends me spiralling. A friend asked me to go out Saturday night and I have had to turn her down because I have only just got back on plan (also most of my going out clothes no longer fit)

If I am prepared, I am fine but on those days where I have been busy and need to eat NOW... it all goes horribly wrong.

My consultant always says, no one plans to fail, we just fail to plan :)
Thanks for your replies! It's nice to know I'm not the only one! Today is a hard day as I've only got an apple to eat fruit-wise. My satsuma went manky and I'm too poor this week to buy anything else (Already spent my shopping allowance and I'm trying to save some money by not buying when I don't need to).

I'm planning on drinking more water though. I know I'm not going to starve to death because I can't constantly pick and I only want to constantly pick as I'm in work and I'm bored.

I do have an emergency hifi bar in my bag which I could syn (I do have the syns available) so I'm pleased to feel like today I am on track. Dinner tonight is planned and that is syn free pasta arrabiata so there's nothing to worry about (fingers crossed!)


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I always struggle in the evenings, especially when I have had my dinner early. I try to keep syns for a snack as I watch the television. I hate sitting there, watching my boyfriend munch on chocolate so I always make sure I have something left over for later.


Loves Norman Reedus
Josie, firstly i love your avatar !!!

I wish it was hard to put the weight on and easy to take it off.
Josie, firstly i love your avatar !!!

I wish it was hard to put the weight on and easy to take it off.
Thank you! He's my lovely man! I watched the very last episode of series 5 and it got me all teary! Love him! :heartpump:

I wish that too. I hate the fact I can put on 2lbs in one week but take up to 3 to lose it again!

I think I'm having a good week though. I've eaten well and yesterday I only used 6 syns which is my lowest so far!

I have been drinking lots of water which I find fills me up so I don't want to pick as much.

I hope it continues over the weekend, I really want to have a good week when it comes to the scales!


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im finding it hard today. really hard. :(


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thats true!

Although, I have just had 5 months off plan (I didn't intend to - I did quite well from last Feb-Dec). I have been on plan for 3 days now, so I am trying hard to get back into it. I haven't weighed myself yet though as I fear it might discourage me - I will just follow the plan for a few weeks and then weigh myself.

I do remember that some days were really easy and some were really hard. On really hard days, I would make something low-syn that was actually comforting (like a big chilli or a curry from the curry-feast book) and this helped a bit. I would also use all 15 syns in the evening while watching TV (glass of wine and a small milky way). On this, eating fruit and veg really does not suffice.

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