Eat Some Exercise Calories on Fasting Days?

Discussion in '5:2 Fasting' started by soshbfly, 21 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. soshbfly

    soshbfly Silver Member

    Hi all,
    Been doing very well on the 5:2 - not perfect every week, but consisent. I've lost 8lbs since end of February.
    I have a question for anyone else that does a lot of exercise - I've started doing exercise on my fasting days as I work-out 4/5x a week and struggle to plan it otherwise (i.e., not fasting and gym). Does anyone else do this and if you do, are you eating any extra calories on those days? I do ~1hour of Step or Boxing which is like 600 calorie burn and that's all I've eaten for the day. Then I run 5-7K the morning after before I've eaten anything (I found this to be great - much better than I did before!)
    Can't decide if I should be eating my exercise calories or a portion of or just try and stick to 500-600 calories even with the exercise.
    Insight or previous experience would helpful!
    Thanks all :)
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  3. Whitey27

    Whitey27 Silver Member

    Hey there

    I exercise quite a bit too but don't eat my calories back. I think you still have to keep them low unfortunately and not taken what you've burnt off into consideration. I don't tend to worry if I have the odd higher up day though. I think if you feel light headed etc then you should definitely eat more xx
  4. soshbfly

    soshbfly Silver Member

    Thanks Whitey. I managed to do two classes tonite & only ate ~150 calories more than usual. No dizziness but slight fatigue :(
  5. Whitey27

    Whitey27 Silver Member

    Good work!!! That's one thing I'm not sure about with fasting as obviously want to push myself hard training but think I get more tired than normal on fast days xx
  6. Dietninja

    Dietninja Loves cake!

    Wow! 2 classes! And I was pleased because I ran 3 miles on my fast day! I'm building up my running and don't plan to eat more as I increase the mileage. I have heard that the day after a fast day can be tricky, exercise wise, so the only thing I do is make sure I don't fast the day before and the day of my long run (I do one long run a week, currently 6 miles but I will be building up to 15 miles)

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