eat to live, not live to eat!

Hi, I've struggled with eating/diets/weight for a long time now, I definitely binge/comfort eat and it needs to stop. I've put on a lot of weight and its made me very depressed and stopped me going out of the house much. I try to healthy eat but always end up binging. Anyway, I really want to sort my life out, including the eating. I'm going on antidepressants to help me through the tough time at the moment and at the same time I want to concentrate on eating healthy and not binging. And get into exercise too. I will count up calories at the end of the day, because I can't not count them, bit addicted, but I'll try to mainly focus on having healthy meals and stopping binging. Anyway, I keep track of my intake in a notebook but I'm also going to do it here to make me more accountable. I don't want to obsess over it like I usually do, but I do want the weight to come off! Though I've gotten rid of the scales, as they only ever seem to do harm to me.

10th February

Breakfast 8am: 2 shredded wheat, 100g fat free vanilla yoghurt, 100g chopped banana, and 3 big strawberries sliced

Snack 11am: Mini pear and a satsuma

Lunch 11:30am: 50g lemon and corriander hummus, a toasted wholemeal pitta cut into strips, 100g carrot sticks, then 4 bevita fruit and fibre biscuits. i wish i didn't have the biscuits but oh well.

Snack 3:30pm: Weightwatchers caramel hot chocolate drink

Dinner 5:30pm: Chicken and vegetable sweet and sour stir fry

2 cans of diet pepsi

Exercise: 15 minutes walking/jogging on treadmill, a 30 minute walk into town and back
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S: 12st11lb C: 12st2lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 27.4 Loss: 0st9lb(5.03%)
Just thought I would say hi!

Good luck with your plan, I am trying to stick to healthy eating using slimming world principles but it all seems a bit overwhelming at times to me although I am enjoying it.

Keep up the good work!