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Eat To Save Your Life

Trixie Firecracker

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Did anyone else watch Jamie Olivers - Eat To Save Your Life on C4 at 10pm this evening?

Ok, so I know that we all know the old phrase "you are what you eat" and we're all well aware of what we eat and how that can affect our bodies, but Christ, thanks to walking, talking living corpse, the ever morbid, Dr Gunther von Hagens, I'm afraid to put anything in my mouth now!

Thanks to his "tasteful" cross sections cut from corpses, I don't think I'll ever be able to look at a cheeseburger in quite the same way again, or hold the odd chinese take-away in quite the same regard. Which is rather handy seeing as I'm just about to embark on my Lipotrim journey.. for the second time, but that's another story! :rolleyes:
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Ooh sounds good, I taped it, will deffo be watching it now tho! When are you starting lipo?
I watched most of it. I thought it was a great show hit the ball home hard. Couldn't believe the thing about Special K having double the sugar it used to have 30 years ago. I would like to see it again I say they will show it again for all those who missed it. I guarentee there will be a fuss made over it. It was a bit gross at times but that made for better impact on people. Jamie was great too. :D
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I missed the programme (hubby can't stand Jamie O) but on the subject of Special K ... when I was a child back in the early 70s, my nana from Scotland used to visit us for six weeks at a time in the school Summer holidays. She was a diabetic and would have Sprcial K for breakfast. As it was quite expensive, that was the only time we ever had it in the house but I was allowed to have it because it was there and I LOVED it.

It consisted of tiny 'cup shaped' bits, was very crispy and had a toasted taste - it wasn't very sweet at all. I was gutted when they changed it completely whenever they did it (the 80s?). I tried it once after the change ... yeeeeuch! I have no idea why they did it because there was nothing wrong with the way it was but they ruined it.


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I had one eye on the tv while it was on so only caught some of it. Looked fascinating with all the sciencey bits.

Plus the look on my bf face as he was realising wat they put in his sausages..... quality entertainment :)

Plus, Special K - wat a shock!! That's always been the first thing to come out when I go on 'another diet'!!

Seriously gonna have to get the calculator out while reading the food labels in the supermarket aisle from now on :)
(I am actually kinda serious.....)
I watched some of it, it was a good eye opener, although Im on LT,:character00115: my family will definetly be eating more healthy, out goes the ready made meals. Time to make fresh foods!!
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I'm raging I missed it! Have to look out for it. I think Jamie Oliver is a bloody hero for pushing the effects of bad food. I loved his healthier school dinners campaign - I so do not want my children to have the same issues as I do. I couldn't believe those parents pushing chippie food through the railings! (although I send my son off with a healthy nutritious packed lunch and eat the chippy myself so i don't know how much better I am - alot of the time its been eat what I say not what I do)

Go jamie lol


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Am so annoyed. I set it to record as I wasnt going to be in last night, and my fiance turned the sky plus box off!! Grrr, he never usually turns it off! I am sooo annoyed. Guess its my own fault for not reminding him a hundred times not to turn it off!!
hey guys,

I saw that programme to it was a real eye opener omg i couldnt believe it..its kinda whats spured me on to start cd and stick to it. special k thing i def didnt know it just goes to show you most of these things that are "low in fat" and "great for diets" are just rubbish aswell. I loved special k before cd :( (prob cuz so much sugar in it!!!)


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Hi there!

I watched it last week and sky plussed it for my kids. My 17yr old is actually watching it for her Human biology A level at college, IN college IN lessons! So I guess dear Jamie has an influence. At this precise moment in time, my son has chosen to watch it. Hopefully it will put the heeby geebies in him, as he has a huge interest in Domino's pizzas that I have failed to quash, and his veggie intake consists of sweetcorn and baked beans!
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yeah I watched it and it was brilliant. Funny how over exposure caused a big wave of hate towards aul' jamie a while back - which I drifted along with I must admit -and now I think he's brilliant. he really is doing his bit to big up awareness of the dangers of crap 'food'. fair play to him -and that Dr. Gunther guy is soooo bloody errie its great! love it!