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Eating a burger? 790/810 plan


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burger is not a good idea hun, very high in fat x x

lots of peeps on here have done the 790/810 plan from the outset and appear to have a good weight loss


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You could try getting some turkey or chicken mince and making your own burger with some herbs for extra taste and then wrap it in a lettuce leaf rather than a bun..... not quite as good a beef burger with bread bun but it works for me!!
I'm on SS+ - similar to 790 plan but smaller portions - I tried SS for 5 days but felt it wasn't for me due to my active lifestyle and hard job so I opted for SS+ and I'm still losing!! Only on day 8 but trousers that were too tight for me 3 days ago now fit perfectly so the weight still must be going down!
Everyone's different... so many people on here do soo well with SS so it's up to you to find the plan that you can follow and stick to best.
I'll let you know when I get weighed next - a week today what my SS+ results are! xx
Good luck with whatever you decide. x


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Lots of people do really well with 790/810 - but you have to stick to what you are allowed ... no burgers I'm afraid!
I've been doing SS now for 8 days and i would simply kill for a burger! But the chicken mince and lettuce sounds like a great idea. That's good thinking.

Does your SS+ mean you eat a meal in the evening? What do you have?

I chewed a bar today, that's the first thing i've chewed for a week and my jaw still aches now.


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mmmmmmmmmm burgers :(:(:(
i made my brother and his gf burgers and chips last night. it looked fab! all homemade but i didnt cave! i just love to cook!
I love cooking too, and i really miss it!

I can't wait till i can start cooking again. I used to make my own curries all the time and i would simply kill for one now.


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S: 19st6.0lb C: 19st6.0lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 45.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
i love cooking as well. i make a killer lasagne! somehow have found that cooking while on this diet has helped me?! the first few weeks my house was a food free zone but then i had my bro and gf come to stay and i just love cooking for them, breakfast lunch and dinner! I think they think im trying to fatten them up! lol


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I love cooking too!

I'm exactly the same as you MarkyBoy and Lisa.... I love food so much that I get just as much satisfaction out of cooking for others and seeing them enjoy it as I do eating it myself!
My boyf asked if I'm trying to fatten him up as I keep going shopping buying him all these really nice treats! :) I just like buying them! :D

I found a good Low GI cookbook yesterday - £5 in M&S - and it has the kcal count in it, so would be perfect for maintenance stage when you can start having dinners that need to be low carb/low GI.... had some really nice recipes in it for budding chefs like us! ;)

MarkyBoy - with SS+ you can have either 3/4 CD packs and 200ml of skimmed milk or a small 200kcal green & white meal - eg. 120g chicken and 2 tablespoons of green vege so I could have the chicken mince burger and lettuce combo as my meal.
I only started SS+ as I couldn't concentrate enough at work on SS and I'm quite active so it didn't suit my lifestyle so SS+ is perfect for me... if you're managing SS though I reckon you should stay with it. It has AMAZING results... I just wish I could have stuck with it! :sigh: x
G: 10st7lb
Thanks for all your help.

LOVE IT..'Candace' rather, how much turkey are u using when making the burger? I think i will defo do that tomorrow! Shame I didnt see your reply earlier...ahhhhhhhhh!

PLEASE do keep me informed with the results.
Thanks again x


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I think it's 120g's that you're allowed so just weigh this out.. I can never rememebr if its 120g cooked or raw ... but I go with 120g cooked if I buy it cooked and 120g raw if it's raw! LoL!
Another tip - yesterday I dry fried asparagus and mangetout with a little soy sauce and some chinese 5 spice and it was delish.. had it with chicken and I really enjoyed it! Let me know if you find anything delish! x Good luck! x
how "al dente" are the asparagus and mange tout wen you dry fry them? that sounds well nice, could even put some chilli flakes in there with that!! Do you not need to use breadcrumbs and onions to beef the burger up a bit?


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Don't mention the dreaded 'B' word - thats adding carbs!! :D
No - I find if you knead the mince enough and really mess it up in your hands, the mince binds fine... you could even add some fresh basil... it's green and a herb so I presume it's allowed... Mmm chilli chicken burgers!
I don't like my vege al dente so it wasn't aldente at all.. just cook it for longer - the soya sauce helps it soften! ;)


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Must admit I am loving SS+! :)

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