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Eating breakfast out

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Eating Out' started by Cat_g_83, 3 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. Cat_g_83

    Cat_g_83 Member

    Hi all.

    I am staying away from home for work for the next 3 days and need breakfast ideas. I used to go to Starbucks and grab a latte and a muffin but looking online I think that would be about 25 syns!

    I also need to work out lunch and dinner out. Lunch and dinner seem to be OK as there is so much advice on the boards but I am really struggling with ideas for breakfast out that aren't just a fruit salad.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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  3. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member

    Do you have a kettle where you're going? are you able to make say a fruit couscous or bag up some cereal & have with yogurt or fruit, don't think breakfast has to be cereal or bread, think wider, what would you like to eat? perhaps tinned fish with tomatoes, or boiled eggs, mugshot with some tinned veg or a side of fruit.
  4. Beautyxx

    Beautyxx Full Member

    If your in a hotel breakfast there might be a better idea, you can usually fill a plate with mushrooms, tomatoes and beans (allowing some syns for oil used in cooking), at the same time there is normally a selection of fruit and its always good to take a piece of fruit extra for later.

    How about taking portions of muesli, and then getting a muller yogurt in the morning and mixing it in.

    What about Alpen or hifi bars, they travel around happily and you could have one or two with a yogurt and some fruit.
  5. Princess_Stevie

    Princess_Stevie Gold Member

    What about magic porridge. You make it the night before and can pop it in a little tupperware box which will be easy with travelling.

    You just mix your HExB of porridge oats (35g) with a muller light and leave it in the fridge overnight. By the morning, the oats have soaked up some of the yogurt and become really creamy and yummy.

    You can experiment with different flavours of yogurt, and even add fruit to it too. Some people add this before it goes into the fridge, although I add it just before eating. You could chop a banana into it or maybe some berries.
  6. colleen19

    colleen19 Member

    How about eggs and toast? Should be ok if you got poached egg and wholemeal toast x
  7. Cat_g_83

    Cat_g_83 Member

    Thank you all so much for your help. I ended up buying a couple of boxes of alpen light bars and bags of fruit and fat free yogs (I have £5 for breakfast) and took some of it home with me!

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