Eating enough veg...How do you do it?


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I think its difficult to eat enough veg especially when meals should be 1/3 superfree.Tonight for example I was having SW chips ,chicken thigh meat and processed peas, I ended up putting sliced cherry tomatoes and fried a few mushrooms and onions to go with it.

If I make spag bol or chilli I put loads of veg in them in small chunks to try and fit it all in.

I tend to only like brocolli and cabbage with anything with gravy.

I do eat a lot of fruit tho.:D
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I find it easier to think about the superfree food before any other part of the meal, that way I make sure I get enough. If I plan the meal first then the superfree becomes an after-thought and usually only a bit, rather than 1/3.

The ee plan relies on the 1/3 superfree to restrict your portion on your plate, so it is important to have it with your meal.


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I find it really easy to get all my veg in. But I love teh vegetables :D


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I am anal in that i write down meal plans and add the veg I have to eat (not to painful as I love veggies) but I am systematic in getting the right amount of veg in me.


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S: 11st10lb C: 9st4.5lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 24.7 Loss: 2st5.5lb(20.43%)
Im glad I do enjoy veg and fruit I eat a lot of fruit, and enjoy salads. I think I will also start to make some free soup to fit some more in. If I eat meat it tends to be chicken or the lowest fat possible.
Ive lost 1 1/2 stone up to now and I went off track for a while but Im now determined to see the other 1/2 gone. Good Luck all


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i always pile a LOAD of veggies on my plate!!! i buy frozen veg so its easy to have loads as it doesnt go 'off'.



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I have dug out my electric steamer from the back of the cupboard, and meals this week are going to start with a plate of steamed vegetables.


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I just make sure I have it - simple!
If I have a pasta or rice dish I'll have a heap of salad leaves with tomatoes, peppers, cucumber and onion and for anything else I add veg.
Even if I have fish, chips and peas, I'll have some carrots or broccoli with it. I love veg and just add it on, even if the combination seems a bit odd, I'll still eat it. A pile of roasted veg is good too - peppers, courgettes, aubergine etc. Lovely :)


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Hi all, I'm not a massive fan of veg but do try to get as much as possible. If I'm having a EE meal that just doesn't lend itself to a side of veg or I just dont fancy it then I will have my red and green foods - restricting them each to a 1/3 of my plate and leave 1/3 empty ( I sometimes even put the fruit on my plate while I'm dishing up to make sure I don't go mad with the portions). I'll then have a couple of pieces of fruit afterwards to make it up.
Might not work for everyone but hasn't done me any harm in the past.