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eating week

Thats exactly what I'm worried about - my AAM week starts this friday and I'm going to give it a go but I know other people have found it hard to get back on track afterwards :(
I've actually had two days during my first month where I've eaten a meal though, and so far have been able to get back on track although I think I'm a bit hungrier for a couple of days afterwards. Am going to be pretty strict with myself and not have anything too amazing (so mostly chicken/ fish and green veg) and I'm hoping that will make it easier! I'll let you know how I get on!


I will do this...
No you arent being silly at all. I was really worried about it. So much so that I started exante on 23 feb this year and my first aamw was last Wednesday lol.

I'm really glad I got over my fear because I want to have a good relationship with food after I get to goal and I'm hoping that by getting to grips with portion control and learning to eat in moderation will all help with maintaining.


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i will get to my GOAL !!
thanks to you both for your support im glad its not just me i was thinking maybe skip the eating week till i get a stone or 2 down i dont trust my self at all just now i really cant risk it..

ps your both doing really well keep me up to date with you eating weeks.... hugs
if you stick to the allowed foods in your aam week you should be fine. just sit with no distractions... i know thats hard with kiddiewinkles but no tv and listen to your body and chew your food slowly. ull be fine ill keep you on track xx


i will get to my GOAL !!
i really dont trust my self i know you are there for me and i for you but when i found out about coke zero and tea with milk i cant stop drinking it you know what am like hunni, im moving in with you that week lol

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