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Eating when bored!

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by AMUL, 18 March 2011 Social URL.

  1. AMUL

    AMUL Member

    OK so I am feeling really tired today and have spent the morning looking at holidays on the internet and distracting myself from doing any housework. Infact, i have done very little so far today:eek:

    As a result I have been a bit bored and found myself sneaking in the cuboards and looking in my syn tin!!! I had a chomp bar and calculated that in my allowance, and also extra weetabix, but then I couldn't stop myself and had a curly wurly too:cry: HAve now gone over my allowance and KNOW it is because I feel a bit out of sorts and bored today; but at the same time have no energy to do anything.

    What do you do to keep yourself out of the snack box when boredom sets in?? I think I could do with some tips.

    Will be minimum syns for me tomorrow!! ;)
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  3. dawnwynne

    dawnwynne Full Member

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    Well if it's any consolation to you, I just pigged out on a whole bag of marshmallows!!! 34 syns in on pop and to be honest I didn't enjoy them at all! Now I'm in rescue mode for the rest of the week too! lol

    Obviously I'm not the person to ask about the syn tin today! lol

    Good luck though...yours is not nearly as bad as mine was!
  4. wenchie

    wenchie Silver Member

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    I'm very much a boredom eater, so I empathise!

    Are you tired and out of sorts because you've not done anything much today, or are you sickening for something, or did you not sleep enough last night?

    I ask because there are different things I'd do - like if it's because I've not done much I try and force myself up and out of the house (even if it's inside the house I should be doing something! Something about getting outside motivates me a bit and means I'll achieve things when I get back in).

    If you're sickening for something, maybe try and have a nap?

    If you've not slept enough then a bit of fresh air can be a big help, as can some cold water to drink and maybe a shower?

    Cleaning your teeth can be quite useful if you're just picking for picking's sake, but if you're properly hungry then make an actual meal with lots of superfree in it to fill you up.
  5. AMUL

    AMUL Member

    Thanks for your replies - I think it is a combination of things - youngest up a few times the last few nights, so am pretty wacked, and also not having done much today has made me feel a bit restless. Also, have not been to the gym in a while so feel quite sluggish. Hubby just came home with chocolate cake from work too and I just ate some without even thinking about! Dawnwynne - thinking I am catching you up!
    NOw have a headache - probably due to the rubbish I have eaten - but am aiming for an early night and then hoping to get up early and go for a run/walk to try and get back in to exercise mode!!

    It is so cold here at the moment( BElgium) that I just want to stay in and eat comfort food.

    Roll on the summer!!
  6. applejack1pie

    applejack1pie Full Member

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    slimming world /green
    im having one of those days too, think its a combo of rain, acheing from jogging last night and cannotbearseititus ! ive eaten 3 ginger nuts for the sake of eating i dont even like them! hot choc helped and a nap now im looking forward to dinner lol
  7. Maximus

    Maximus Gold Member

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    Slimming World - The one that works!
    Nothing wrong with snacking or eating when your bored, ill, depressed, tired, angry, peed off etc.

    Just make sure it is all healthy snacks - simples.

    Fruit, carrot sticks, grapes, pieces of carrot, peppers, cucumber etc.

    Works everytime.
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