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The other night, myself and my housemate (both on SW) went to some friends for dinner. They are aware that we are following new eating plan, and are slowly beginning to grasp what it's all about for us. We were following a green day and so when we arranged it we said that we could have as much carb as we wanted that day as long as it wasn't fried.

What do we get?

Chicken casserole with less than generous jacket spuds and five green beans on the side. When we pryed about the casserole it turns out it had wine in it, and some of the ingredients had been pre cooked in oil.

We tried not to visibly retaliate but safe to say it was a good job we had not had many syns each that day.

During the conversation it was clear that our friends felt bad for not really thinking it through and didn't realise exactly how many of our naughty things they were putting into the dinner.

I don't want them to feel like we have to dictate whats eaten when we got round there, and they seem happy to eat things that conform to SW values when they come here, but it puts us and them in a difficult position. I don't want them to have to get to grips with the whole SW plan just so that we can eat there once a month or whatever.

Anyone have any suggestions or been in similar situations?
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Why not do a 'bring a course' option? When you cook the SW meal, let them bring a starter or desert...and vice versa.

That way, you have the chance of being within syns for some of the meal, get to enjoy 'normal' things that you can't make SW friendly and potentially spread any 'damage' over two meals, rather than all at one?

So, for example, as a starter or side dish, you could have taken something SW friendly. That way you could have still had some of their chicken casserole and the jacket potato, but would have probably eaten less casserole, yet still had a 'full' meal.

If you do the 'bring a course' option, then they shouldn't feel dictated to about what they can cook, and won't be worrying that they have 'done the wrong thing....again'. It's nice that they at least care about what you are doing and want to help. :)



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Having an EE day tends to fit in more with the outside world when you can't control at all what you might get given for dinner. It's nice that your friends are wanting to take your eating habits into consideration even if they haven't got the hang of it yet!


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Buy them a recipe book, who knows it may convert them anyway to healthy food


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My theory is this -

I eat to live not live to eat, I personally would consider it rude if someone was coming to my house for dinner, then dictated how and what I should cook. Likewise when I go to someone elses for dinner I don't tell them what I can and can't have.

What I will do is put some feelers out beforehand and try to find out what they are cooking, for example I am going to my in laws in 2 weeks for a curry so I said to my FIL "what curry are you making?" He said he didn't know so I simply added - "would you mind avoiding cream or coconut milk in mine as I really not keen?" He wasn't offended or upset, simply took it that I didn't like them ingredients so will omit them from just mine if need be.

I also save some syns up if I know I will be eating out, and if I feel I need to drop a few for the few days following - depending on what I ate. I know you couldn't have done this with your casserole and spud but I would ask for plenty of rice and have a smaller amount of curry.

Your meal may not have been as bad as you think as the wine would have been spilt between portions and the fried ingredients may have just been browned off in oil to make them look more appealing.

All the other suggestions are fab - take a course, have an EE day or even go flexible that day. And ask what they are cooking then you can say "oooh I have a fab recipe for that - I'll get it to you....." then hunt down a SW friendly version of that recipe to pass on!

Don't feel bad about it - it was only one meal. And I do agree with the OP that friends should not have to get to grips with that plan, but I suspect they will be more considerate next time they cook as I am sure they are aware of their slip up this time.



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In a way, they did pretty good! Chicken casserole is a good nutritious meal and at least you didn't get given pizza and chips with creamy coleslaw!
I agree that your friends shouldn't have to worry about the SW plan in detail, and an EE day when you are going into the unknown gives you more chance of success when you are out and not in control of the choices.
I hope you don't worry about it too much, you'll still have a good weight loss and it's great that you are both doing it together.


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I eat to live not live to eat, I personally would consider it rude if someone was coming to my house for dinner, then dictated how and what I should cook. Likewise when I go to someone elses for dinner I don't tell them what I can and can't have.

Completely agree!

I have eaten out numerous times while doing SW and always see it as my choice, therefore not someone elses problem.

When I eat out I use flexi syns and then eat what has been loveingly made for me- trying if possible without causing the slightest offence to eat less of the 'bad' food and more of the 'good'

I think it would be unfair to expect my host and all the other guests to fall in line with my requests and would be very put out if I made a meal and someone started scrutinising what was in it


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I like Lonesticher's suggestion of bring a course. I do this with my friends and usually opt to bring the main course as it means that I can bow out of starters and dessert. I then know that I have had one healthy meal at least!
The same with barbeques, I usually take my syn free burgers and sausages and never take anything home with me as it all gets eaten, even by those not doing SW!


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thanks for the suggestions folks. I do like the ideas :) It's their turn to come to us next time, and we're still getting to grips with EE (only restarted a week ago!) so we might be able to have a tomato and seafood sauce with pasta or something else lovely :D