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Ebay experts please

You state in you max bid what you are willing to go up to and then ebay automatically keeps upping your bid on the item (if someone is bidding against you) up to your maximum amount. xx

big bear

A bear on a mission!
Thanks so much, now I'll be ebay queen lol.
I'm so gutted I missed out on a fab maternity bundle (some designer) by 20p as I didn't know how to do it.
Lots of people (including me) like to bid at the last minute. But it is not essential, because as nattyclare has said, you can just enter the maximum you would like to pay, and go away and leave it until the auction has ended.

If the auction starts at 99p, and you decide that the most you want to pay is £5, then you bid £5. If no-one else bids, then you will get it for 99p. If other people bid on the item, then eBay will go on bidding for you, up to your maximum of £5.

Actually, it is a good idea to put in a slightly odd amount - I usually put in something like £5.56 as my maximum bid. Lots of people bid in round sums, to the nearest pound or 50p, so the extra couple of pence might be enough to win.

There is always a chance that someone will outbid you, but that happens even if you do bid at the last minute!


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I used to have quite a habit on there! Especially after a glass of wine :p. Most of my clothes are now per una or monsoon bought for very little. I shall sell them on as my weight drops.
hi there
join up to bidnapper and you will win nearly all your bids it bids right at the last second I use it all the time, especially as I am in australia and like uk clothes, the time difference makes it hard
it costs about $18 a quarter to join but its well worth it
good luck


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I am another e-bayer fan but I would say be aware of the bargain bundlles.
I once bid for a bundle of designer handbags, and got a small box of 1 naff handbag, and a few very used make up bags and purses. Not worth the money I paid!
I also bought a bag of "fantastic clothes".
Only one item was nice, the rest old and very used junk clothing that were fit for the bin!