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Hi all hope you had an awesome xas and new year.

I am considering starting EE after doing only red and green on SW, but I cant seem to get my head around some bits of it!

Say I wanted to have spag bol (one of my faves) on EE from what I can make out, I can have as much pasta and extra lean mince as I like, but what would I use as the superfree food that has to cover 2/3rds of my plate???

I like the idea of EE, especially as I will be going into it full of beans like I did when i first started SW
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one third, not two!

You would be putting veggies into your bolognaise sauce presumably. Tomatoes, muchrooms, onions, peppers - all superfree. Maybe a small side salad as well, or fruit for dessert.
AAAhhhhhhhh, see I knew I'd get it buggered up and confused along the way!!!!
1/3 oh yes thats definatly doable what with all the mushrooms, toms and onions i put in!

Thankyou Lucky7!
If I don't want to have the superfree stuff on the same plate as my dinner, then I will make a salad to eat before dinner is ready - lettuce, tomato, grated carrot, etc. It gives me something to do while I am waiting and also takes the edge of my hunger!


I will do this!!!
No wonder i put weight on while doing EE i didn't know about the 1/3 of a plate thing!!!! ooops
I did my spag bol tonight with lots of mushrooms & onions but did a batch of plain stir fry veg which I added to the cooked wholemeal pasta. I'll admit I was sceptical but it turned out really nice!


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It was recommended but not a must.
I tend to have at least 1/3 veg with most my meals but not every meal and it made no difference to my weight loss.


I will do this!!!
well i did food diaries and she said "great job" on each one but for 3 weeks i struggles. At least i know now!

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