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Red Days Eeeek help

I`m having a red day but i seeeriously have the munchies ... have already had a banana, heap of blueberries, heap of grapes and a shape zero (as well as my dinner) and i`m still peckish ... what else could i nom with out breaking open my sons crisp/choccy cupboard ? ? ?

Help ? ? ?

P.s ... sick of fruit ..

P.p.s ... now drinking a can of diet coke lol
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Mmm i was really hungary too and just had some baked beans and a banana, i follow ee but if im not mistaken arent baked beans a hex x you could also do something with eggs that usually stops munchies x
Snack suggestion

How about a crispbread with a laughing cow lite spread - Thats my favourite snack - I'm a savoury girl


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as your on a RED day, have you got any meat/fish you can have as a snack? lean bacon, chicken, make a salad with it maybe.

Im veggie anyway, but hubby eats meat, and mostly does GREEN as there is more snack options. Unless you can make the most of the Free meat on a RED. I cant afford for hubby to have that much meat a week. he has 1 red day, and some meat as HEBs during the week.


Always comes back to MMs!
I made my own houmus last weekend with chick peas, lemon juice and garlic, made a big bowl and scooped it all up with carrots and celery sticks watching X Factor! Worked for me xxxx
Thanks Safia .. i`ve already used 1 HexB for my weetabix, so only have one left and want to save it for taties for tea really ..... thanks for the reply though :)

Cheers Susienoz .... Crispbreads and cheese are my "dangers", can`t stop once i start so i don`t have them in lolol ... damage limitation, i can`t eat em if they`re not in the cupboard ;)

Thanks Honey .... we`re really really skint this week, so the only meats we have in are for the boys pack up, and for actual tea, so couldn`t really eat any of it. I`m finding the more fruit i eat the hungrier i get ? I ended up having a large glass of Tesco Light Choices cranberry juice and then heading up to the stables earlier ... mucking out gave me something to do with my hands lol

Thanks Manc bird, i`ve never really done the whole chickpea lentil thing ... just don`t like any of it ... did have some carrots in the fridge though so i might make up some carrot sticks for future :)

Glad the other plans work for you Derby Nanny, sadly they don`t for me :)
Hi Daisy

Maybe ask yourself why you are hungry...sometimes it can also be an emotional 'craving'...in the past I think that has been my problem. It is cold too, so I guess we feel hungry. I find homemade soup helps :p
Just a reminder that chick peas aren't free on a red day x

Oooo thanks for the warning .... don`t like them anyway so no fear of them being nommed anytime soon :D
How about boiled eggs? Or some tomato and red pepper soup?
I need to learn how to actually make soup myself don`t i ? Soup comes in tins from the shop (lol .. naughty daisy) .... !!!!

Hubby is cooking tea tonight ... Tuna Steaks, carrots, fine beans, a bit of cauli and some new tats with mint sauce .... mmmmm **drools** .. i managed to get through the earlier munchies with just a large glass of Cranberry juice (The Tesco light choices is free :) )
I am having a "no snack" week. Well, that's my intention, anyway!

I am trying to eat just at mealtimes with nothing in between. And if I get peckish, or feel the "munchies" coming on - well, that's just too bad. I won't actually be hungry, not really.
Soup is sooooo easy, fry up onion in fry light, add veggies (and any meat or mixed beans or potatoes) and stock and boil, wait for ages and taste, add salt and pepper and any herbs, wait til it's all soft and mushy. Blitz or mash using a potato masher!
yep soup is great one to make for red days and so many different varieties too.

or sw quiche, slice it up and keep in fridge, that way you can help yourself to a small slice should you feel peckish.

I personally think it is best to be prepared with some snacks, than have none at all at hand. As if you do have a major hunger pang you are likely to reach for something naughty if you havent got anything else available to munch on quickly.
i was always hungry on a red day but still have a few now but i use my b choices for pasta for lunch with tuna and salad then in the evening have some meat with roasted butternut squash and veges or cottage pie with mashed celeriac instead of potato i find this is enough to keep me full. if hungry i snack on ham which is free or fridge raiders which are 3 syns a packet then muller lights or other fat free yogs
Thanks guys ... god i`m useless when it come to cooking lolol. I will certainly try the soup tho :)

I do luv luv luv the SW quiche .. but i only like it warm ... don`t like it once it has cooled (i`m such a fussy eater lol) ... Once you`ve cooked it, and it`s cooled, and you`ve put it in the fridge, can you heat it back up again or is that a big no no ? and if ya can heat it up again how do you do it ?

Thanks for the idea`s Natasha :) ... what are fridge raiders lol ? (soz to sound thick)
they are chicken bits come in a bag you can get southern fried, vindaloo and some other flavours quite a big bag and quite filling luckily they sell them in the shop i work in they also have them in tescos in the cold meat section ideal for lunchboxes or as a snack. I cant eat the quiche i found it horrid cold but i also have ibs and eggs set it off so not good :-(

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