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eeek help lol

My best friend text tonight and asked my dress size as she is ordering the bridesmaids dresses this week for her wedding in Aug. Seen as i am bridesmaid she has asked my size. I was to embarrassed to tell her my real size (26) as she is like a size 10 or something so i said order me a size 18 hun.

The problem is now i am soooo worried incase i wont get into a size 18 by Aug :S Do you think i will? I mean i know i have had a bed wek this week but i am going to stick to this diet 100% from now on. Do you lot think i am make it into a size 18 by Aug :S I am so worried lol. xxxx
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i sooo hope i can do it i really dont want to look silly on the day with a dress that is to tight or even tell my friend i need to ajusted. eeek! I am so nervous now. I have to read a poem in church and all eyes will be on me so i wanna look nice haha. And i wanna be nice in her pictures or everytime i go her house i will see how horrible i look lol eeek. Thanks for your support lovely people xxxx


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You will easily fit into that size 18 dress

And you will be a stunner in it :D I believe in you, you will hit that by August you now have something to motive you. You will look lovely and I expect piccies :D

Take Care xx


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Tasha you'll do it hun, it'll give you the motivation to keep going when you feel like giving up. Good luck, have faith in yourself you'll look fab!!!! xxx
You'll do it if you stick to it 100%. It's approximately 1 stone to a dress size, so you're looking at between 4 to 5 stone in 6 months, which is doable, stick with it!
Aw thanks everyone... this is why i love u all so much you make me believe i can do things lol. Yay i WILL get into that dress woop woop i cant wait. yay Of course there will be piccies Ant hehe!!! :p xxx


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Tasha! Judging by your determination and enthusiasm the only thing you'd have to be afraid is the dress being too big for you!!! Good luck with your WI hun xxx
Sweetie, I want to be in a bikini by August! So I think your goal is totally acheivable! You might have to tell your friend you need it altered... to a smaller size! :crazy:


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Tasha I reckon by that point you'll need it taking in!! :D


Perseverance is key
Best of luck hun, you can do it!! :D xx

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