Eeek my first weakness!! Help!


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I know this seems stupid and it is pretty obvious what I should or shouldn't do, but one of the guys in my office is 25 today so has brought in some savoury nibbles.....there is some mini sausages and I want one!!!! Help me!! :eek:
I have been doing soooo well with having no cravings whatsoever, but jesus, they are calling my name big time!!!

Tatty xx
They are bad. All that fat and cholestral;) you want to make the journey any tougher? Sure you don't. One bit now and you may well regret it for the rest of the stay. It might solve the problem for now..but in the long run it's just not worth it

Hang on there
A moment on the lips, a quick chew, a swallow and it's gone. Hardly worth all the guilt and grief you'd feel afterwards - wouldn't you agree?

(Sorry if that first sentence sounded a bit X-rated!! LOL)