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Eeerm day 6 and is rather windy tonight

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by passionflower, 21 May 2009 Social URL.

  1. passionflower

    passionflower Well-Known Member

    Oh guys this might be to much info I know but is rather bad at the mo, all I will say is WIND and leek and potato soup :hide:
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  3. discojen

    discojen Well-Known Member

    Ha ha ha!
    Just wait until you're on the bars! Eek!
  4. passionflower

    passionflower Well-Known Member

    Oh no !! Really? is this quite a regular thing then? Honestly at first I thought it was Nico (our German shepard) but oh no it turns out it was hubs:eek: then half an hour later it was me as well!!!:eek:
  5. discojen

    discojen Well-Known Member

    Oh dear! I'm afraid it may get worse before it gets better!
    Just blame the dog ;)
  6. Kate+Matt

    Kate+Matt Well-Known Member

    lmao i know its not funny.....but it kinda is hehehe ohhh what i have to look forward to! :p
  7. Kate+Matt

    Kate+Matt Well-Known Member

    ps i cannot WAIT to update my ticket for he first time :D:D (this sat!!!) good luck tommoro passion xxx
  8. passionflower

    passionflower Well-Known Member

    cheers hunny :D I am itching to see it move too.
  9. bigtosmall

    bigtosmall Well-Known Member

    Just be careful!!! You'll know what I mean soon enough ;-)

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