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Egg confusion

Hi, me again...

I've read in people's menus that they eat alot of eggs, as do I cos I love my omlettes! Question is, i was flicking through the book again last night and noticed he says no more than 2-3 eggs (yolks) PER WEEK! I can have this in a day :/ I didn't realise quantity of eggs were restricted. Besides being naughty, could this be stalling my weight loss? When I've stuck to the diet I have shown a loss but I think I could've lost more, could the eggs be a problem?
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I'm confused about this too, I thought the book said 2 a day but I've since heard 2-3 a week. I ate a lot at first but now tend to have 2 a day, max 3 but not every day probably about 2-3 times a week
i would assume that eggs should be ok because they are needed in many of the recipes unless the book means eggs on their own as in soft boiled eggs or hard boiled!!!!!!!!!!


Half a pound at a time.
The eggs are limitless, however he is saying if you have high cholesterol or at risk of having it then you should stick to 2-3 yolks a week, and use the egg whites instead. Like an omelette with 1 yolk and 2 whites etc. A lady said she was worried about her cholesterol due to the amount of eggs she eats on this diet, so went to Drs to get it checked and it had actually dropped, if you think about it you wont be getting cholesterol from anywhere else really so probably wont make a difference?

If you are healthy you should be fine :) Go get it checked out to be sure x
But doesn't too many yolks stall people because of the fat content?

I have never been clear about this. :confused:
That's what I thought, but there seems to be conflicting evidence. I have a big tray of 30 eggs to use up...:rolleyes:
I'm pretty sure the whole eggs is bad for cholesterol has been quashed - cholesterol in eggs that you eat does not = cholesterol in your blood stream. Its a bit like those scare adds where they show fat being poured into a sink and blocking it and saying that's what eating fat does.

We are not like sinks! Much more complicated things happen when we eat - things are digested and chemicals react to create new ones so what we eat does not just pour into our blood stream and onto our hips (despite the fact that this seems to be the case with cream cakes;))

Whether egg yolks are a problem from a fat point of view on Dukan I've no idea. I have to say I probably eat more than 2 a day quite often, although since buying the liquid eggs and using that for my 'stodge' (oatbran thingy) my yolk consumption has dropped. But pickled eggs are fab and there's no way I'm leaving the yolks!

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