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Can the panel of experts please tell me how many eggs you all have?

I love them and can easily have 2-3 a day - but is this too many, or OK? I have a couple for brekkie, and then one in a Mim at night.

My cholesterol was fine before I started, but am I about to pop my clogs?:eek:

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Not counting cheeseburger pie, I usually have about two a day Susie. They're not the worst things in the world, and the Atkins book says your cholesterol should get better on this diet, not worse. Seems hard to believe though. :eek:

I have no idea what my cholesterol is, and no great interest! :cool:


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Medical and nutritional experts over the years have been two'ing and fro'ing over the egg cholesterol issue. I believe the latest to be, eggs are good, and there's no limit. (I stand corrected if anyone finds recent published info on the contrary). I think the last things the FSA said on the issue was there's no weekly limit any more as to how many are recommended, unless you have a diagnosed problem, and then it is best to seek advice.
I don't have set number per day as such but I have had upto 4 eggs somedays and then others I have none. I don't feel that over the week it is enough to worry about, I know people (bodybuilders) who eat at least 20 a week!


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Hi Healthy - are you doing Atkins at the moment?
Hi Lady,

Throughout Dukan and Atkins so far I think I might have had 1-3 a day, some days I didn't have any though. As silly as it seems, I don't like eggs that are too...eggy. I normally have 1 egg and 1 egg white - best of both worlds.


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Wow - the spammy tea lady disappeared! Now that's what I call efficient moderation!


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Clean green leafy machine
Thx all I shall gobble away as ever :)
we have hens, so have a constant supply of fresh, free range eggs, so we eat lots of eggs!
steve eats them most days, and i have them every none work day.
never had my cholesterol levels tested, so don't know.
i think the current thinking is eggs are good, but then, we eat the way we know works for us, not the way the powers that be decide is the best for this week!
but am I about to pop my clogs?
you still alive or the eggs got you? ;)
i have been known to have a five egg omelette ;) oh and my scrambled eggs have 5 yolks and 4 whites I AM A PIG


Clean green leafy machine
LOL still here - and very happy to hear everyone's advice. :)
I probably had a couple a dozen a week during induction, now it's about 6 or so I'd say. :)

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