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Not sure there is such a thing as too many!! You're having less than 2 a day on average. As long as you stop when full, and don't get stuck having the same meals every day, and aren't suffering any 'ahem', side effects, then go for it!!



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There used to be a limit for health but i'm pretty sure that's been disproven and they don't hurt cholesterol levels like they thought so you can eat as many as you want.

There is a lady in my class who swears that increased egg eating boosts her weight loss! I've not tried but hey it might be true. Eating eggs do keep you fuller longer if i have eggs at breakfast i'm not hungry till lunch if i have branflakes i usually snack half way to lunch... I guess i shld have eggs more often hehe


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I eat a lot of eggs and it hasn't had a negative impact on my weight losses x


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I eat loads of eggs, love them, always have done, but probaly a little moreso since SW

ps...Asda are still doing a special on their large freerange.... £3 dozen or 2dozen for £4 ????? odd, but great
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Lol what a perfectly timed post! I was just boiling half a dozen eggs for mine and hubby's lunches and got so engrossed reading some of the recipes on here I forgot all about them until I heard a weird cracking/popping noise coming from the kitchen...........oh dear they've boiled dry!! I'm a bit scared to shell them now! What a fantastic cook I am, I can even burn eggs :)


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That would be too many for me as I get the 'side affects' if I have more than 4 a week :(

I don't think it's too many if you are enjoying them though
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i never used to go out of my way to buy eggs, but i think since starting SW ive eaten more eggs now than in my whole life, boiled eggs are just soooo scrumtious with anything i say! and they are free so it shud be ok.....right? lol
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I have been putting pickled eggs in with y salad. Yummmmmy!
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RhiBro said:
Yup, well I bloody hope so!!

I hope so too! They must be!
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Like many others, I have not eaten so many eggs in my life before ... since starting on SW I always seem to have something eggy in the fridge (boiled eggs or SW quiche, normally).

Good job I love eggs

Last week, I was having a little side effect ... but seem OK this week :sign0007:


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Sadly I can't eat many eggs otherwise my digestive tract comes to a total standstill. Max 2 at a time and then only with loads of veg or baked beans to counteract the plumbing problems...........

Sorry - probably too much information!

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