Electric Toothbrush...

Hi DQ...I was in Boots and got all confuzzled!! Dunno which brand is meant to be best, wat the hell an ultrasonic is.....too much info for me!! I know superdrug have a load f them half price....but still dont know which one is actually good!!
Whatever you do DON"T get the Oral B Vitality one which is about 25 quid, but is often on special offer at half price UNLESS your sis has a shaving socket in her bathroom.

I don't - and therefore can't use the beggar!!!

Sooo irritating !!

I have to say that I've used lecky toothbrushes for years and they're fab - but usually get the cheapo tesco ones for about 4 quid. hehe!
Hi Kazz, sonicare range in price I think the top model will set you back about £130 but if you shop around there may be special offers.

I have had a sonicare ultrasonic toothbrush since they came out, thats about 11 years ago! Obviously i have changed the brush head many times since then! When it came out it was about £100 (I got mine from the sonicare rep at the time for £25! Bargain! They were just out, and were promoting them heavily), the one i have is now about £70ish i think. I have an adaptor to charge it in a different room. The battery is only just starting to fade after all these years! I love my toothbrush, and will get another when it goes to toothbrush heaven!
ooh lust bought one for hubby for Xmas as he is always using mine [so annoying] I am a bit anal about my teeth and cannot use a toothbrush once it has been near someone elses mush!
In sainsburys they have a sonicare one with all sorts of attachments at half price - £37,50 - tongue scraper, flosser etc
I bought that one
This is the toothbrush:


My friend found it useful, as he had "water" buildup in his gums, and the vibration of the bursh head gets rid of that water build up. It works using vibration, so you can remove bacteria without even touch the tooth with the brush its self.