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Emma's Diary (all green days!)

Thought I would give this a try as I find I stick to the plan much better when I keep a diary.

I do all green days also, if anyone likes reading green day diaries :p

WI is tonight .. well in half an hour (does anyone else feel slightly nervous before their WI .. I do :eek:) and I shall start my diary tomorrow.
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I am so full! Part of my Slimming World diet is a night off each week and I chose Monday so its a treat after my WI. I don't count syns at all and eat whatever I want .. often chip shop meal or curry with naan bread and mango chutney .. yum! It doesn't hinder my weight loss but I feel it is controversial (lol) .. I certainly didn't feel the need to tell my group that I take a night off and eat lots of high syn foods!

Anyway .. tonight I had a nice curry that my boyfriend cooked and have had a chocolate doughnut, pringles, dips, cheese and onion sausage rolls and some chocolate. I do feel very full now but this one night a week is what keeps me 100% on plan with no mishaps for the rest of the week .. hopefully on to another 3.5lb loss.

Thought I could share this here as I do feel it helps my weight loss, as in I am not depriving myself and I do have a night off. However it feels a bit like a guilty secret sometimes! My Dad laughs at how I can eat so much one night and then the next week have lost nearly 4lbs and be beeming .. but hey! It works for me!
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Its always the same each week! After my Monday weigh in I have the foods I fancy (though not binging like I used to as I actually get 'full' now) and the day after I am hardly hungry as my body must be overpowered :p

Today has been really hot as well! I did my weekly shop as I only had one muller light left! Dangerous territory there! They are three for £1 in Tesco and I also got a pack of Penguin bars for 50p there! Read on here they are 5.5 syns and fancied one!

Today I have eaten -
NOTE - The heat makes me not want to bother cooking anything, its making me wilt!! Chafing thighs are not a winning point for me either! Hope that stops when I am at my target.

Three pieces of WW brown danish toast (1stHEB) with two light cheese triangles (1stHEA)
Cup of tea with skimmed milk (2ndHEA)
Vanilla muller light yoghurt

Tomato 'pasta in 5' with jalapenos

SW wedges seasoned with mild chilli powder, a little cucumber and yog dip and 'chip shop style' mushy peas with a table spoon of ketchup (1 SYN)

Fig Roll (3.5 SYNS)

I have a spare HEB but as I didn't have alpen bars (bought some today though!) I used my bread for toast rather than a sandwich or garlic bread.

Think I am going to have a skinny cow double choc lolly now which brings my syns to 9 syns. Good day :)
S: 14st7lb C: 14st7lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi, you're diary is a great read! I personally eat until i am fit to burst and make sure I have at least 5 syns each day. My husband laughs at the amount of food I can put away and still lose weight. It's great isn't it!

Keep up the good work!
Lou xx
Hi, you're diary is a great read! I personally eat until i am fit to burst and make sure I have at least 5 syns each day. My husband laughs at the amount of food I can put away and still lose weight. It's great isn't it!

Keep up the good work!
Lou xx
Aw, nice to know someones reading! :p

As I type this I have a fan next to me ... this weather is not what I am used to! I slept under a damp towel last night - it was actually heaven!
Annyywaaaay! This is a day late as I went for a run last night .. yes - the words I and went for a run ... in the same sentance! I am so proud of my self - should really call it a jog/walk as I couldn't run very far but still! I went to a running track and got my jog on .. something I never thought I would do. Hopefully it will reflect well on Mondays weigh in! Going again on Friday night and perhaps Sunday also, want to get myself to the point were I can run around the track at least once without stopping. Would be a mircale!

I also had a water fight with baloons and guns in my back garden with my boyfriend .. surely that counts as exercise! It is a good way to cool down even if not :p

What entered my mouth yesterday:

Muller light yog and alpen light bar (1st HEB)

Quorn chicken sandwich on WW brown danish (2nd HEB)
M&S smokey bacon hoops (3 SYNS)

Dinner: (such a mix match! lol, was lovely though!)
SW wedges, mushy peas, mixed veg, 2 x LM sausages (4 SYNS) and one quorn mini kiev (1 SYN)

Mini Milk (1.5 SYNS)

Brings me to 9.5 syns for the day. Quite happy with that as tea was lovely .. I am such a weirdo with mushy peas. I was so happy when I found out that they are a superfree food .. I LOVE them :p I also found that mixed with mixed veg was also yummy (haha .. yes I know, not right!)

Good day overall - really proud of myself for going running, its just something I never thought I would do. Like if I stepped on to a track, there would be a load of professional runners pointing at me as if 'why is she there, she can't run' - lol! Funny the things we make up in our heads! There was a group of larger women walking around the track so after my first bit of jogging I felt like I had every right to be there and enjoyed myself .. as anyone should! Going to keep going now :)

I shall go and make my lunch now and will do my diary entry for today, tonight .. hopefully I won't have melted away!!! :p

[edit] Just noticed I had no HEA yesterday! Shall have to have garlic bread today (what a hardship! Haha) so I have my cheese triangles. It isn't cup of tea weather whatever my Mum says .. so I don't know how I will get my second .. hmmm!
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Such an exciting event has just taken place! I finished my WW brown danish loaf and therefore got to the crust!! The best part, as the crust is actually like REAL bread! It has to be a high point of my SW eating! :p

Okkk! So today is another green day! What a suprise :p I only do green days .. not a big fan of meat so I don't know how I would cope with red days! I love pasta and rice and also am chuffed with my weight loss so I don't feel like changing.

Today I have been making a special effort to drink lots of water and stay hydrated. Mainly as someone on here posted something about the heat making people dehydrated and them not drinking enough therefore they STS or gained at weigh in. I don't want that!!! So I have a jug of water in the fridge so its lovely and cold and I keep drinking glasses throughout the day, with a glass of diet coke thrown in at meal time. It is also making my day easier as the heat isn't as bad when I drink loads of water, don't mind it as much :)

I haven't done any exercise today yet apart from housework so I am thinking about doing some skipping in the backgarden later on when its cooler. Just eaten my tea and feel nice and full, happy as I have only had 4syns so far as after my skipping I can have a skinny cow double choc lolly or a penguin and cup of tea .. depending on if it cools down on the choice! But I shall look forward to that now, haha! Such an exciting life I lead sometimes.

I have a weekend job at Bon Marche alongside uni and now it is Summer I am doing some extra hours in the week and I kind of count this as exercise as it is on your feet work for x amount of hours, tidying, hoovering, running around for customers etc. So each extra shift I get, I feel good about as although its boring .. it is good for my booty to be moving .. haha! I am also going for another run tomorrow night :D See if I can get a bit further.

Todays food!

Alpen bar (1st HEB) and muller light (noticing a pattern anyone?)

Weight Watchers chicken and noodle soup (2.5 SYNS and very yummy!)
Three pieces of garlic bread made with 3x WW brown danish (2nd HEB), three cheese triangles (1st HEA) and a garlic grinder
Mini milk (1.5 SYNS)

Mild curry savoury rice with quorn chicken style pieces, chilli, onions and peppers fried and mixed in. Yummmmmmy and very filling! :D

Good day again .. melting away .. need to do some exercise as I haven't done much today! I have had four syns so far, so have 6 to play with for an after skipping treat .. yay!

I have a yellow monsson dress with ruffles hung on my wardrobe door which is my ultimate target. To get in to that! Its a size 10 .. don't think I remember being a size 10 but I am a 12 in tops and 16 on bottom so after 2.5 stones, when I am at target it should fit.

I have taken a bit of a crappy pic using my macbook but here it is ...

Hopefully in the not to distant future I shall be posting a pic of me in it!!

Ramble tomorrow x


Starting over
S: 18st11lb C: 18st3lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 38.8 Loss: 0st8lb(3.04%)
well done on your running! Good luck on getting into your pretty yellow dress soon:)

Ohhhhhhhh dear! Longest and crappiest (if thats a word?!) weekend in work .. I hate working in retail so, so much .. roll on finishing university next year so I no longer have to do everything for customers who could do it themselves but are just so lazy ... and those who complain about every little thing .. to those who start shouting and banging their fists on the till counter (yes, that did happen today! Thankfully I wasn't serving then) - its just the most boring, soul destroying and repetitive job at times .. well it is in the store I work anyway.

After today I just wanted to come home, put my pjs on and pick up the phone to order a large pizza to be delivered with some sides and a bottle of coke. Then I would spend my night lying on my bed with food and relaxing. But hey! That isn't SW reality! Probably the first time I have realllyyy wanted to not stick to it either so I am not about to fall at the first hurdle. Made myself some SW wedges with curry powder (very nice!) and mushy peas and then got myself a glass of diet cola and watched TV on my bed instead! I feel very good :p Haha!

That is about all I can say for my weekend really, stuck to my syns but not really kept a food diary. Hope I lose a good amount again tomorrow, this weeks weigh in has come around so fast! Shall get some more food diaries I think as they help me to feel in coltrol of syns etc as my memory isn't all that wondeful!

Yay for not being in work tomorrow!!! I shall report back on my day, food eaten and hopefully a good loss tomorrow night!! :D
Hello there!

Well its been an interesting couple of days since weigh in .. I was so disappointed - only lost 1lb .. but I posted here and the support made me feel better so I am feeling better about it .. also - I looked at my progress tracker and there seems to be a pattern to my weight loss .. like one/two 1ln loses, a big loss like 3.5 and then another smaller loss - I am wondering if this is the odd way my body is losing weight or whether I am doing something wrong some weeks and not others ?? Hmmmmm - I have ran out of food diaries too and was so disapointed with my 1lb loss that I didn't get anymore on Mon night. It was mostly as I felt I had tried really hard and exercised that annoyed me as I don't know why I didn't lose more :( Oh well - hopefully next week .. not too far away from my club 10 and old clothes are starting to fit again :D Woop woop!

Today has been a mess eating wise, I haven't really had meals as I had an appointment at uni at 10am and was really tired and just gahhhhh!

I have eaten Quorn mini sausages, three x falafel (three syns) and cucumber and yog dip, one penguin bar (5.5 syns) and SW chips, mushy peas and brown danish bread (1st HEB) ... so I have a HEB and both HEA left .. going to have to milk and cheese and then I'm not sure what to have for my other HEB as I have no alpen bars left - oh dear!!!

Tomorrow I am in work and I am going to get back to three meals, fruit, yoghurt and all that. I am having a big frumpy day today also .. feel huge -have to remind myself that, that isn't the case as I am in fact eighteen pounds lighter .. I like saying that! ;)

I shall report back tomorrow night as I am going to be good again tomorrow!! xxx

I have taken to making my own food diaries .. I mean it so easy to write your own headings and keep note but I just like the proper sheets, haha!

So I am working again ... hopefully that counts as exercise but I am going for a run tonight as well so heyyy I am doing OK - hope it does more magic that it did last week.

Todays food;

Breakfast - 2 x Riveta goodness bars (1st HEB)

Lunch - Beans on toast (2nd HEB) with fried egg (fry light)

Dinner - Beans, quorn sausage and SW chips

Snacks - Mullerlight yog, 2 x mini quorn kievs, curly wurly and cup of tea (HEA and 6 syns)

One HEA left over and I have had eight syns .. not too shabby!

I am feeling better about SW today .. got my cereal bars and quorn sausages back in which makes it easier. Hoping for a better loss on Monday to give me some motivation as I have been walking past the bakery window not wanting the food so much but just wishing that I could if I did want it .. if that makes any sense - I obviously just don't like rules .. haha!

I tried on some old Nike exercise pants that I bought two years ago for PE on school placements and if I fasten them they send my stomach upwards and outwards and eugh ... way too tight! Makes me wonder if I could have gotten them past my knees before I started and lost the 18lb! But because of that .. it is my next mini target - for them to fit comfortably and to then go running in them :) Hopefully not too long in the future .. gave me some inspo anyway! And although my cup of tea and curly wurly is marked down I haven't had them yet - its going to be my after running supper :D wooooooooooo!
I am back! :D

I am exactly (down to the half pound!) half way to target - yayyyyy! I have had a week off plan and starting tomorrow I am back to it so I thought to give myself a push in the right direction I would start filling this in again and keeping a food diary online.

Welcome back to my rambling to anyone who used to read :p
Heres to getting back to SW and feeling less stressed out by food - I love having a plan and knowing that I am eating well!

Breakfast - alpen bar (1stHEB)

Lunch - SW tuna (5syns) sandwich on 2x WW bread (2ndHEB), packet of skips (4.5syns), pickled onions and a vanilla + choc muller light

Dinner - SW chips cooked in garlic, pepper and tabasco sauce with a bowl of curried mushy peas

Snacks - apple, grape and alpen bar (2nd bar of 1stHEB) in vanilla + choc muller light, low fat super noodles

I am going to have a glass of milk and two cheese triangles for supper so I have had my HEA - it actually feels really nice to be back on plan :D
I just made some SW pancakes and had a dash of maple syrup and cut up grapes with them - wasn't actually that nice .. might not have them for a few weeks again - I get a bit worried about the sweetener as well :s

Need milk and cheese triangles still!!! I don't think pancakes were needed but at least I used up the eggs that needed to be used up!

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