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Emma's diary Starting 21 March 2008

Hello everyone:wave_cry:,
I have read a couple of diarys and you have really motivated me this evening so thank you so much!

I am miserable being fat and this is the last friday night I want to feel like this. I have been doing WW for the last few years. 4 years ago I lost 6st10lbs and felt a million dollars but another 2 kids later and I am back to where I started:cry:....

I have just stood on my scales and I am 15stone2lbs and am totally disgusted with myself and hate what I see when I look in the mirror. I hate that my kids see me as fat and I feel sorry for my husband having to look at me...so that is it...totally enough...I have to do this for me and for them....
So I need you girls...I really need the support:cry:...

So here goes
Starting weight 15stone 2lbs - 21 March 08:mad:
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Hi Starlight
Thanks for the welcome...you were one of the people that motivated me when I read your stats!!! Oh my God, please tell me how you did so well...thats a huge weight loss. Congrats. You must just feel great....I hope I will be the same eventually!!!


Going From Flab to FAB!
Hi Emma and welcome! .......... The people on here are wonderful and the support is always amazing! ...... I know what you mean about feeling that way! and believe me im sure your husband and children love you for YOU! .. but again i know thats no compinsation when your feeling rubbish!

Im on week 9 i think and although its slow going im happy with it because im not restricted atall in what im eating so dont even see it as a diet! its more a more aware way of eating! I write everything down (that way i cant cheat myself) and also keep check on my points! ...........

Love Kirsty xxx ooo ps ... what day do you w.i ?
Hi emma, i'm new here too! i have a fair few pounds to loose :mad: Lets hope that the support on here will help. Everyone on here seems to have done so well!!! good luck with your first week but please don't have such a downer on yourself- lets be proud of ourselves that we are taking this problem in hand. go girl!!!:):)
Hi Emma and welcome to minimins, this really is a great site, I think the great thing about WW is if you do slip you can just be super good the next couple of days to make up for it with out having to feel guilty. I'm 15.2 aswell so hopefully we will get there together. I hope this site keeps you motivated and gives you all the support that you need, it really does for me.
Hi Laurie & Jools,
Thanks for the welcome. I can't believe how friendly everyone seems...you have all been on my mind all day and I have been looking forward to logging on....

hi Pixiepiratess, well done on sticking with it...and 9 weeks you still seem very motivated. My weigh in day is Tuesday...I had been doing the WW Core programme before and switched back to the points programme but find that I am snacking more on it so don't know whether it would be better to go back to the core! Its easter week and I have 4 kids under 7 and so I think I have about 15 eggs in the house, its terrible, I want to bin them all before I eat them!!!

Thanks Jemima, its hard to be postitive when I feel so terrible in my clothes....I remember what it feels like to be thin and its amazing, I just want to staple my lips together!!!! I don't want to be the fat mum at the school anymore, I want to be proud of me and for my family to feel great about me too...I know they love me anyway but Im sure I would be a happier me if I was thinner if you know what I mean!!!! Best of luck with your weight loss journey too and I look forward to chatting to you!

Hi Vickilouise1986 too, thats great we are the same weight, we have to do this! You have done great with your weight loss so far too! Thanks for the support!

Thank you everyone, it really means alot to know that we are all in it together and struggling for the same thing!!!!!!

Where are you all based? I am in Ireland....weigh in is Tuesday...
hi emma, know what you mean about feeling uncomfortable in your clothes - but we've made a step in the right direction. i know i'm going to struggle today as there is so much choclate in the house! have bought some ww choclate eclairs for after lunch..... hope that will do me for my choc fix....wish me luck!!! btw my wi is wed.


Going From Flab to FAB!
Morning Emma! .......
I w.i on a tuesday to! .. usually at 6.30pm! .and im in Hampshire.. I know what you mean about the easter eggs ive got 3 kids at home and they have 8 between them and theyve already tried giving me a flake!, some mini eggs and half an egg!!!!!!:ignore:!!!!!!!! I know their hearts are in the right place and they do it cos mummy loves choccie! but i SOOOOOOOOOOOO wish they wouldnt !!!!! . its so hard!
My youngest has broken his egg into a bowl which is now sitting on the side in the kitchen! and everytime i go out there i can smell it! ........

I can totally see wat your saying about school! i dont stand in the playground anymore its almost as if its a compition to see who can look the most groomed and model like! i hate it! ......

Stay Strong! if you feel your wobbling come on here! ... or maybe promise yourself a few points worth for this evening as a treat! then your not totally deprived! ..

Hugs Kirsty xx
Hi Emma
How did weigh in go??
I'm really nervous for mine tonight- easter weekend was a chocfest drunken killer!!!:(


Going From Flab to FAB!
Hi Emma Just thought id pop in see how w.i was for you yesterday ?

Hope your ok x

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