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Emma's Xenical Diary


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Hi everyone! My name is Emma, I'm 21 (22 in March!) and I grew up in South Tyneside, near Newcastle upon Tyne. I'm now a student at Swansea University, in the final year of my degree in Psychology, which means I spend 7 months of the year in Swansea, and the other five months split up over Christmas, Easter, and Summer at home with my parents. I've been prescribed Xenical in the past (2009) but for one reason or another, I didn't stick with it. I used to post on here using a different name but I couldn't remember it so I created a new account.

I've decided that I've had enough of being fat and miserable. I want to be able to go into any shop and pick clothes up off the rails and buy them without having to think if they'll fit me. I want to wear a bikini on holiday and not care about who looks at me. I want to be confident and feel attractive. Most importantly, I want to be healthy. I'm still young and I want a family one day.

I started taking the Xenical pills today. My starting weight is 245lbs, which is 17st 7lbs. I'm 5' 8" and generally wear a size 18-20 clothes. I'm hoping to get down to a more healthy weight of around 11 stone, or a dress size 12-14. I don't care how long it takes, the slower the better to make sure it stays off!

I really struggle with motivation, so I'm hoping posting here regularly and creating a support network for myself with all you lovely people will really help me stick with this.

2011 is the year for change. Bring it on! :)
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Hi Emma, just wanted to say hello and welcome back :D

My goals are the same as yours really - I hate the fact that my choice in clothes is restricted to the ones I can fit into, rather than the ones I would choose to buy. If/when I ever get to my goal of a size 14/16 I'll be like a kid in a sweet shop!

As far as motivation and encouragement goes - you're right, the support here is fantasic, and I know for a fact that I would not still be here plodding on with my mission if it hadn't been for these lovely ladies (and the occasional gentleman!).

Good luck Emma!


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Hi Alex! Thanks for the welcome. Aw, don't say if/when you reach your target, think positively and say when you get there! Anything is possible :)
Happy first Pill day my Geordie Marra in Taff Land.

Looking forward to reading your diary :D


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Day one :)

So I've managed to get through my first day on the pretty blue pills! It's been a good day, I've stuck to the 5% fat rule totally, so I'm quite proud of myself. I'll weigh myself on Monday to see what I've lost by then, then I'll continue to weigh in on Mondays.

Food for today:

Bowl of Special K Fruit and Nut with semi-skimmed milk
One slice of wholemeal toast.

Bowl of New Covent Garden Spicy Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Soup with a large wholemeal pitta bread.

Tesco Light Choices Cauliflower Cheese with lettuce, tomato and carrot sticks.

Large wholemeal pitta bread toasted and stuffed with ham and soft cheese.
Tesco Light Choices chocolate mousse.

According to MyFitnessPal, I've eaten 1765 calories, which sounds excessive, but it was only 42g of fat so I think I'll be ok. I probably shouldn't have had so many slices of ham in the pitta bread lol. Didn't manage to get any exercise in today as I've been busy, but I've got a day off tomorrow so I'll do a session on the Wii Fit.

Any comments or recipe ideas will be gratefully received!


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Thanks Stellasmammy, how was your day?
Thanks Stellasmammy, how was your day?
I just did yesterdays diary entry, left the house today at 8.20 and got home at 21.45 so I'm cream crackered (but with no full fat cheese on the top lol)

Mmm a warm pita with ham and cream cheese, sounds lovely :drool:

Have fun with you Wii tomorrow, what do you like to do?
Hi emma finally found your page lol, your food for the day sounds great! I'm also hoping to get to a size 14 if i can, i would be absolutely made up.. i think it would be enough for our height!! Hope tomorrow is another good day for you... i may get some sleep soon :zz: other wise the munchies will start...
Emma, I don't want to be a meany but you should limit your fat intake to 30 grams per day
It's actually OK to have up to 45g of fat per day, so 15g per meal, but obviously still sticking to the 5g fat per 100g of food rule!



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I thought it was 45g per day too, 15g per meal. I've stuck to the 5g per 100g fat rule, so I'm hoping I'll be ok. I didn't manage to get on here yesterday, I wasn't feeling too good so I spent my day off curled up in bed watching The Biggest Loser USA online hoping to get some inspiration lol.

Breakfast yesterday was at 12.30pm as I slept late, I had a bowl of wholemeal pasta with low fat soft cheese and tuna. MyFitnessPal works it out at 545 calories (a bit much, eek!) but only 4g of fat.

Lunch was the other half of the carton of New Covent Garden spicy butternut squash and sweet potato soup with a large wholemeal pitta. 472 calories, 13g fat.

Dinner was just a bowl of Special K fruit and nut clusters with semi-skimmed milk, 211 calories, 3g fat.

I had a few snacks though - a Walls Mini Milk (only 30 calories!), Hartleys Low Calorie Watermelon and Apple Jelly snack pot, Danone Shape yoghurt and a Special K cereal bar. All of the snacks added up to 191 calores, 3g fat.

Total for yesterday is 1419 calories, 23g fat.


I had work 9am-5pm today. I slept in and didn't have time to eat a proper breakfast so I just toasted a wholemeal pitta bread and stuffed some wafer thin ham into it. 424 calories, 6g fat.

Because I'd slept in, I didn't have time to prepare lunch from home, so I had to buy a sandwich at work. I usually go for ham and cheese or chicken and bacon, but they were both over the 5% fat rule. The only one I could find that was below was tuna and cucumber, so I had that with a packet of strawberry chewits. 406 calories, 8g fat.

My flatmate and I are having a couple of friends round for a girlie night in tonight, and she's cooking us a thai green curry. I'm a little bit worried about this, as she's used coconut milk, and there's no nutritional information on the can! MyFitnessPal has the information for someone else's homemade thai green curry and it says there's 8g of fat per 100g. I'm going to eat it anyway and hope for the best. I'm thinking I'll probably have the side effects, but 8g per 100g isn't as high as I thought it'd be. I'll let you all know how I get on.

Another day off tomorrow, but I'll probably be nursing a hangover after the copious amounts of wine I'm going to be drinking tonight! Lol.

I'm really excited to weigh in on Monday. It'll only have been 4 full days for me taking the pills when I weigh in Monday morning, but I'm hoping for a little weight loss anyway. Then I can start weighing in weekly on Monday mornings. I'm hoping for at least 2lbs loss, maybe more. I've been really good, other than the curry tonight, so fingers crossed I'll get a good result :)
Enjoy your curry and time with your friends xxx
Enjoy the curry and the wine hun, :party0036: hope your hangover tomorrow wont be too bad :eek: We all still need to live even if we are trying to lose weight!! I am sure you will do great on monday for your weigh in, which will be my second weigh in!! :D


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Heyy :) Girls night in on Saturday ended up turning into girls night out at the last minute, and I got very very drunk. Got home after 3am and ended up staying in bed all day Sunday. I caved and ordered a pizza to try and shift my hangover, and although it did the job very well, I felt so guilty! :(

Weighed in this morning - stayed the same. Not a disaster though, as I've only been taking the pills since Thursday. I didn't take any yesterday as I only ate the pizza and I didn't want side effects. Luckily I haven't experienced any, and I'm back on track today.

I've had ryvita with cottage cheese for lunch, didn't have any breakfast. Trying to decide what to have for tea now, most likely a bowl of pasta with low fat soft cheese and tuna. I'm going to be very good this week, and hopefully see a good loss next Monday when I weigh in again.

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend :)
Sounds like you had a great night out, i could do with one of them myself soon!! Not been out in such along time! You can always rely on pizza to cure a hangover :D glad you got away without any side effects!! Pasta tuna and soft cheese my fave mmmm


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Yeah it was a really good night out, I'd already drunk a full bottle of wine before we went out and ended up passing out on my bed fully clothed when I got home lol. But it was great fun :) I've had my tea now, just waiting for the telly to start :)

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