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Emotional Eating - Watch this


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Hi there

I realised recently that I am an emotional eater - I mask my strong feelings by eating. I eat when I am happy, sad stressed, tired etc etc etc. It seems to work - I cope very well with life and I would describe myself as "happy". Happy marriage, happy kids, happy me.

The negative impact is my weight. Emotional eating works for a while to resolve one problem but then it creates another - I was 8 stone overweight hitting a BMI of 40.

I'm a little less now and thats good.

But if I don't deal with the emotional eating I will wind back here in two or three years time greeting a lot of new newbie members and feeling like a fat old failure. (em This is my second time to do a VLCD and I want to say that it is my last).

So i am going to try to do something about it. I am NOT going to go to therapy - I really don't think I am that bad (and it costs, like, a fortune) so I am looking for assistance with my emotional eating elsewhere.

If anyone knows of resources in books TV online or elsewhere to help with emotional eating could you post them here?:

I found this and maybe it might help someone out there:?

Emotional Skills Toolkit: Bring Your Life Into Balance


p.s. could someone post the details of Becks book here cos I want to get it but none of the local bookshops stock it. Is it only available on amazon?
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Your story seems so similar to me Belle - I'm a second time eater and normally happy and on a even keel but when things go badly I an definitely an emotional eater.
I get loads of people saying when theyre sad, or emotional they can't eat but to me I go into a downward spiral
I got within a stone of target last time, spurred on by the fact that my daughter learnt to walk again at 14 after two years in a wheelchair - then she became ill again and the stress got to me and the cycle started again
I really don't want to go back to that place and want to hit my mid 40's back at an ideal weight and maintaining
Andrea x


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Oh Andrea. I hope your daughter is feeling ok. We've had our share of tragedy and sadness and it really affects my weight. It's bad enough when things go wrong without having to carry the fallout around on your back. If you have found a way to cope or if you are trying a strategy pls post somewhere how you are getting on. Take care.

Thanks Belle
My daughter has improved again and tbh it's her positive attitude to life despite everything that encourages me
I also think "I need to be healthy and strong for her" and that encourages me too
Mostly I think it's dealing with low self esteem - still not quite found a way to handle that fully but I don't think I ever will
I'm definitely going to read the beck book people rave about but most of all I'm going to try my best to be me and not an extension of someone else which is what I think I've become - and lost my identity along the way
Take care x

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