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Emotional roller coaster - anyone else been on it?

Hi all

Has anyone else been through a range of emotions on their first weigh in?

Today I woke up feeling nervous, then got excited because I know I've been 100% all week, then worried about how I'd feel if I didn't lose. And that was all before I left the house!

Went to WI and lost 1.5 lbs. Wanted to cry. I am soooo disappointed. My food diary is text book. I know this for 2 reasons: 1) I followed the 7 day plan in the magazine and 2) I still checked every meal against my SW books.

The two ladies who joined the same day as me each lost 5 pounds! I have also done 3 x 30 mins jogging and 1 x gym session with a personal trainer.

Is my expectation just so wrong? I seem to have made such a radical change to my lifestyle: cut out booze, all meals made from scratch using fresh ingredients, ruthless about superfrees, syns within my allowance (ranged 4 to 9 syns each day).

Don't know how I made it through class as I really wanted to have a tantrum. Anyhow, got to work and decided to 'invest' 6 syns in a curly wurly in anger then to crack on with the food optimising and hope for a better loss next week.

[As it happens, shop didn't have a curly wurly so I had 28g of liquorice cuttings weighed out carefully for 4.5 syns. No comparison, I know. In a strange way though it put me back in control because I didn't thow it all away because I didn't lose as much as I'd hoped and now I've had a mini blow-out but haven't ruined my plan!]

OH says I should stay focused on the notion that I'm now on my way and a loss is a loss. I get it. Would have just preferred a few more pounds to get me off to a good start.

Anyone else had this experience and still go on to hit target? Or am I just a freak?

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Have you just started exercising or is it something you've always done? this is also proof that having less than 15 syns will not speed up your weight loss

I've always exercised at least once a week for an hour or so, but ramped it up with extra jogging this week.

Do you think the syns are the issue?
First of all ur not a freak. I had this some point in my journey last yr. Only was gaining. This was due to starting exercise as I didn't do any. What happens is your building muscle at same time as losing fat. And muscle weighs more than fat! They say it can take anything to a month for the loss to show through exercise. As when u build muscle ur body can burn and process fat better and faster even when your sleeping!!! Don't give up! Well done on 1.5 loss!!! Be proud of that loss!!! Are u drinking enough water? I try to make sure I have a pint with each meal and a glass if I think hungry incase it's just thirst.

Also do u have much to lose? Xx


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Its not cos muscle weighs more than fat, this debate comes up all the time and our old C had to explain it week in week out cos everyone always said this, it takes longer to lay down a lb of muscle than a lb of fat, a lb is still a lb whether its fat, muscle, sugar or potatoes... if you boost your exercise by a fair amount you may even see a gain or an sts in the first week or 2 due to water retention.

Syns are there to be eaten, part of the reason is as u get closer to target your weight loss will slow down and things will need to be changed and syns are the easiest things to cut down on
Hi Leanne - thanks for your replies.

I have about 2 stone to lose, bit more if I want to be strict about the BMI rules.

Might start counting my fluid intake more. I have lots of cups of tea (milk counted) but little plain water so perhaps that would make a difference?

Also wonder if I have been just too careful with the syns?

Thanks for your suggestions.
Unless you're doing intensive weight lifting and eating a very very high protein diet, then it's extremely unlikely you're building muscle.

It sounds like you've changed quite a few things for your first week, so it might just be that your body is confused as to whether it needs to store energy or burn it.

Have your syns, they're not bad, they're part of the plan. And having 4.5 syns shoupdn't be seen as a mini blow-out!
Don't be disheartened and keep going and you will see a difference in next weeks weigh in!

At one of the classes I went to they showed you a rubber equivalent to a 1lb of fat and oh my god, I never said 'only a lb lost' again. Try and find something like sugar or flour in your cupboards that weighs the same as you have lost and see what its like.

Good luck


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Don't be disheartened by what is a brilliant start! And definitely try not to compare yourself to other people where possible, all bodies are different, I lost 2 in my first week and was so disappointed because another new starter lost 6lbs, but she gave up after 3 weeks and I'm still on my journey!

Keep going and good luck for this week xxxxxx


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My 1st week back on plan i only lost 1lb and was gutted about it, yes, a loss is a loss and we should be pleased with it, but when you work really hard and see other people with huge losses it just doesnt seem fair.

Keep going with it, your doing really well and seem so focused!! I suspect highly that the reason you 'only' lost 1.5 is 2 things.

1 - Your syns are too low!! Always aim for 10-15 a day! The syns are there for a reason, so that your body gets enough calories, if it thinks that your not eating enough then it will store meaning that you wont have such a good loss.

2 - Drink LOADS of water!! Whenever i exercise i STS as its fluid retention. Im not a massive water drinker so have no added sugar squashes but any kind of liquid will help. I have found that i need to drink 3-4 times as much when i exercise.

Good luck!!! xx
I would be so pleased to lose 1.5, it is a good loss and SW recommend on average is between 1-2. At least it is going down and remember if you lose only 1lb each week for 52 weeks that is 3stone and some, which is something to celebrate :)
I 9/10 have 15 syns and lose between 1-2 a week and very happy :)


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Don't worry Hun!! I have the same worries. I did SW last year for 3 weeks and never lost a single pound!!! In week 3 I GAINED half a pound, gave up and never went back..... Result is I am now a stone heavier :-(

I went back last week to give it a final chance and lost 3lbs!!! Really pleased as I didn't deprive myself one bit and had between 10 and 15 Syns per day. Don't really know what was different this time but I was extra careful with my 1/3 superfree, did a little exercise and drank about 2 litres of water. I think maybe our bodies take their time to adjust. This is a great eating plan, I font think you'll find an easier one!!

Good luck xx
Aww, thanks all for your encouraging replies and suggestions. Perhaps I was expecting too much of myself!

Have just received an email from my C who has reviewed my food diary and says I'm doing all the right things with superfrees and free foods, so as you all say it's just a case of sticking with it and hopefully I'll see another loss next week.

Please don't panic....

I GAINED 1 lb in my first week :(

However I carried on, lost 5 lbs in my second week and even though I'm not at target yet I've lost 5 stones (1 year, 132 days into my SW life)

Now, what I lost (or rather gained) in my first week means NOTHING!! The only three sets of numbers I care about are what I lost/gained the previous week; what I weigh this week; and what I'm going to lose next week.

P.S. I still go through the whole range of emotions every weigh in day, even now!!!
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I was told in my first class (when I did classes the first time I was on s/w) that if I was increasing amount or intensity of exercise that I shouldn't expect to see a loss until week two or three.. I don't think that was necessarily to do with building muscle but just how a body reacts.. I don't know the science of it. Unfortunately, this was never a problem for me as aside from walking I never do any exercise.. Maybe when Im out of a size 14 I'll go swimming and running again :) maybe in the next week or so you'll experience this big loss the c spoke of, others in my group certainly did!!

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